Release Day Novella REVIEW : Fireman’s Rescue – Heroes in Helmets Book #2- Andrew Grey

Novella Fireman's Rescue Book Cover Novella Fireman's Rescue
Heroes in Helmets Book #2
Andrew Grey
Gay Romance, LGBTQ Romance, Contemporary Romance
Dreamspinner Press
March 14, 2023

The last thing Dash Wheaton expects when his home goes up in flames is to catch his firefighter rescuer’s heart.

When computer security expert Dash wakes to his house on fire, he manages to escape, but realizes his dog, Taffy, is still inside. Heartbroken, he watches everything he has burn, worrying about Taffy, until a firefighter hero shows up with her, covered in soot. With his home gone and no place to go, Dash does his best to find shelter.

Firefighter Stone Jacobs lives for his job, and his life is ordered just the way he likes it. So when he finds Dash sleeping in a shed, he’s as surprised as anyone when he offers him a place to stay. But what he really doesn’t expect is the way Dash gets under his skin and into his heart.

When the fire is ruled as arson, suspicion falls on Dash, making it even harder for him to move forward. Thankfully, Stone believes in his innocence and helps Dash begin to rebuild his life and business. Time together leads to white-hot attraction and trust, but the truth behind the fire could separate them... permanently

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Dashell (Dash) Weaton woke up to his bedroom filled with smoke and in a panic, he jumped out his bedroom window leaving behind his most important possession, his dog, Taffy. His attempt to go back was stopped since the house was going up fast and entering would be dangerous and deadly. Nothing in Dash’s life would survive, leaving him alone without a home, his dog and the computers that were his livelihood as a computer security expert.

While he watched his life go up in flames a fireman came to him holding Taffy and a vet arrived to take Taffy for treatment for smoke inhalation. With nowhere to go, and no money in his pocket, the hero who saved Taffy, Stone Jacobs offered him a bed and some clothes till he could try to settle his affairs.

Dash breaks into computer records of companies pointing out their weaknesses. He has the knowledge and capability to make himself rich hacking into private records and transferring money into his own accounts, but that is not who he is and is not what he does. Unfortunately, his knowledge points to him as a possible suspect in the fire that burned down his home, which has been classified as arson.

As Dash and Stone live together, they find themselves very attracted to each other and it looks like Dash’s loss could pay off with a chance at a HEA. This was a short book and yet Mr. Grey made me feel all the emotions that a fire can cause when you find yourself having to start everything in your life over.

There is suspense, a who done it, romance, sex and two wonderful men hoping to find love.

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