Author Interview with Dorothy McCoy

The Mysterious Secret Guardians in the London Underground Book Cover The Mysterious Secret Guardians in the London Underground
Dorothy McCoy
Historical Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, Science Fiction Adventure
Speaking Volumes
Feb. 3 2022
225 pages

Sir Winston Churchill saved the Western World from the psychopathic Adolph Hitler. Later Sir Winston returned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1951. He died in 1965; having done his part for world peace. Rest in peace, good and faithful servant.

Not so; mysterious entities from Beyond brought him, Dr. Albert Einstein, David Smythe, a handsome MI5 agent, and a Harlequin Great Dane, back one more time. The Nazi menace resurfaced in the person of the evil and demonical Dr. Josef Mengele and his group of sinister scientists.

The Angel of Death plans to clone three of the most dangerous Nazis from WWII: Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler. Mengele has a plan: the viable cells for cloning, and scientists in biotechnology, genetics, and life extension at his disposal. His Neo-Nazi resources are unlimited.

Who can stop the impending devastation that steamrolls toward humanity just as surely as the Nazi tanks in 1940 demolished everything in their paths? Who can stop them? Only one man, the man who defeated Hitler by the sheer strength of his character, eloquence, and inspirational leadership—Sir Winston Churchill

Author Interview with Dorothy McCoy

Interview by Sherry Perkins

Dorothy McCoy

Dr. Dorothy “Bones” McCoy is a master of many professions. All of which seem to be the perfect place to be if you will be writing historical fiction, murder mysteries, or self-help books. Not to mention, she has a (forgive the pun) novel way to deal with doctorate committee members who might be a bit troublesome!

1. Wow! you’ve had such an interesting career path. About being a Doctor of Education, what was your most challenging course or project? How did you manage to push through it? And has that particular process helped you to manage periods that were, perhaps, difficult writing jags such as procrastination, plot stalls, etc?
My doctorate wasn’t that challenging because I love school. However, the dissertation was a year and a half of torture. The chairman of my committee always answered my questions with, “We don’t get involved in that.” I never learned what the committee WAS supposed to do. My choices at this point were to bury my committee in the swamps of Florida or tighten my belt, pull up my bootstraps and carry on. I carried on. Sigh.
2. What was it about being a South Carolina State Constable that you found most rewarding? Least rewarding?
I love being part of the answer. I worked with law enforcement officers and was challenged by them to go through the training and carry the weight of chasing the bad guys. I was pleased I was able to run the gauntlet and survive. But the training was tough!
3. Teaching college-level Criminal Justice courses–did you have any “How to Get Away with Murder” scenarios?
No, I created and taught in the Master Instructor Program. We talked about creativity and imagination in solving crimes. I shared Sherlock Holmes wisdom with them, for example, “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”
4. You’ve worked on solving cold cases, as well. What’s the typical investigative process. Is it anything like what we see on tv, or is it a more dogged dedication as we often find in novels?
By the time a case goes cold many hours have been invested by a variety of professionals. Either they missed something or there are no clues to move the case to a successful conclusion–finding the perp or a confession. I took the bulging case files and dug through them to find something we overlooked or point detectives in the right direction. Solving a cold case takes saintly patience and tenacity.
5. For you, what is the best thing about being a novelist?
I love developing characters and watching as they create the novel. They’re fascinating as they work together on brilliant theories and strategies while attacked by all manner of villains and daunting circumstances. I learned this method of writing from Dean Koontz.


Greetings, Dear Readers!

I have written several books and I can write about law enforcement because I worked as a South Carolina State Constable, taught at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, and worked briefly in a Cold Case Squad. Fascinating!

I have been a licensed counselor for almost 20 years; I have spoken at numerous international conferences on psychopaths and narcissists, and written books related to counseling. The material for this series, The Mysterious Secret Guardians, was pulled from my hard-earned knowledge and experience. I enjoy research, a skill I leaned on heavily in crafting my books. The history is accurate, the locations and science described are accurate. Before embarking on this project, I read every book I could find on Winston Churchill, as well as many of the 72 books he wrote. I am a lover of mystery and paranormal stories and this was my chance to write both and what fun it was! I can’t stop writing the series because my characters would die! So, more to come!

BTW, Sophie, the ghost Great Dane, helps me with the big words.

I love gardening, hiking, the beach, and stimulating conversation! I would love to hear from you please reach out to me or Sophie. We answer!



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