Release Day REVIEW: The Secrets of Whitcomb Manor – The Pinkerton Man Series Book #6 – C.J. Baty

The Secrets of Whitcomb Manor Book Cover The Secrets of Whitcomb Manor
The Pinkerton Man Series Book #6
C.J. Baty
LGBTQ Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery Thriller, Thriller, Suspense
March 15, 2023

Michael O’Leary is devasted by the loss of his beloved Stiles Long. The thought of returning to their home in St. Louis is more than he can bear. Having received the news that, he has inherited a Manor in England, he decides to go there. Hoping that he can find a way to begin his life anew.

What he finds are secrets. So many secrets, he can’t determine who is friend and who is foe. He is now Lord Whit. The owner of a vast amount of land, a village named Whitcomb, employees on the manor grounds, a vicarage, land tenants and villagers who all look to him for guidance.

Michael also finds family. His cousins George, who is nearly his double, and Evaline, whose personality changes with the wind. There’s also, Vicar Joseph Williams, a man who isn’t what he appears.

A visit from his dear friend, Lizzie Ferguson, leaves him missing his old life even more. Just before the new year, he receives a haunting telegram from Lizzie, promising the new year was going to bright for him.

Without Stiles his life seems lost, then New Year’s Day 1912 arrives and…

Be sure to read the last page AND THE STORY CONTINUES

Review by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild

Michael O’Leary’s story continues but without Stiles Long who was killed. Michael has been grieving his lover’s loss and when he receives news that he has inherited his mother’s property in England he goes hoping to find a new purpose in life. Michael has inherited Whitcomb Manor Foundation; he is now Lord Whit, landowner and responsible for the care of the small village and those residingthere.

When Michael’s mother died his uncle was made executor of the estate until Michael was twenty-five, but it took some time to locate him. Michael is overwhelmed by the vastness of the estate and the manor and since his uncle’s death his cousin George has been caring for everything. Michael and George were shocked when they first saw each other because George was Michael’s doppelganger, and they could have been twins.

Evaline, George’s sister, is the head housekeeper, and she is less than welcoming to Michael, the opposite of George who greets him with open arms. It didn’t take long before Michael realized that caring for the estate and the village was something he was not equipped for and so he made George the permanent estate manager with a hefty yearly salary. Evaline was given the title of Lady Whit of Whitcomb Manor and the upkeep and running of the home was her responsibility.

As soon as the changes in their positions took place Evaline’s attitude toward Michael took a complete turnaround, her fear was Michael would kick them out of the only home they ever had and now they were secure. Michael is happy to have found family and except for Vicar Joseph Williams, Michael is happy being around everyone. The vicar gives off bad vibes and Michael doesn’t trust him. When things begin to change with everyone, when Michael discovers a secret door in one of the closets, when someone takes a shot at him, the car he is driving crashes when the brakes don’t work Michael reaches out to Lizzie in St. Louis, the only person other than Stiles that Michael trusted.

Lizzie’s visit was just what Michael needed and when she left it was a promise that 1912 would be a better year, from her lips to God’s ears. Life moves on and Michael tries to make the Christmas holiday cheerful for everyone. He opens the manor welcoming the villagers with food, drink and dancing, and a Christmas stocking filled with candy and fruit for all the children. A good time was had by all but that would end with a murder and attempted murder. So far Lizzie’s parting words have not come to pass.

This is where I stop revealing anything for fear of giving away information that must be read personally by all those who have been following the Pinkerton Man series. The story kept me glued from page one to the end and the end left me yelling “OMG”. This is a series that shouldn’t be missed.




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