REVIEW: EARTH – The Vetrix Series Book #2-Bill Bush & Blake Bush

Title: EARTH Series: The Vetrix Series Book #2 Author: Bill Bush & Blake Bush Genre: Children's Science Fiction, YA Science Fiction, Adventure Publisher: ‎ Snader Publishing Company Release Date: Dec !3, 2017 Format: Kindle Pages: 228 Source: Amazon Reviewed by Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team Another wonderful addition to this … Read more

RELEASE DAY- REVIEW-Smoke and Mirrors: Carnival of Mysteries Anthology – Elizabeth Silver

Title: Smoke and Mirrors Series: Carnival of Mysteries Anthology Author: Elizabeth Silver Genre: Science Fiction, LGBTQ Fiction, Magic, Mystery, Anthology Publisher: Independent Release Date: Sept 20, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 221 Source: Amazon Two things I know for sure: Magic isn’t real and never date your coworkers. Xander knows for a fact magic belongs solely … Read more

Release Day Dual REVIEW : Short Story- The River’s Edge – Jordan Castillo Price

Title: Short Story- The River's Edge Author: Jordan Castillo Price Genre: Short Reads, Science Fiction Fantasy, LGBTQ Fantasy Publisher: JCP Books LLC Release Date: July 3, 2023 Format: kindle Pages: 69 Source: Amazon Two lost souls…one uncanny journey. Cynic, enforcer, and all-around dangerous guy—Gino is hardly surprised to find himself dumped on the riverbank. His … Read more

REVIEW : The God’s Awoke – Mary Vibbert

Title: The God's Awoke Author: Marie Vibbert Genre: Metaphysical Science Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction Publisher: Journey Press Release Date: September 1, 2022 Format: Kindle Pages: 314 Source: Amazon   If the Gods were real, could you believe? Hitra, high priestess of Revestre, already has enough on her hands: political upheaval, a distractingly attractive male servant, … Read more

Upcoming Release REVIEW : The Dragon Eater – Tharassas Cycle Book #1 – J. Scott Coatsworth

Title: The Dragon Eater Series: Tharassas Cycle Book #1 Author: J Scott Coatsworth Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy Publisher: Water Dragon Publishing Release Date: March 16, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 353 Source: Amazon Raven’s a thief who just swallowed a dragon. A small one, sure, but now his arms are growing scales, the local wildlife is … Read more

Author Interview with Dorothy McCoy

Dorothy McCoy

Title: The Mysterious Secret Guardians in the London Underground Author: Dorothy McCoy Genre: Historical Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, Science Fiction Adventure Publisher: Speaking Volumes Release Date: Feb. 3 2022 Format: Kindle Pages: 225 pages Sir Winston Churchill saved the Western World from the psychopathic Adolph Hitler. Later Sir Winston returned as Prime Minister of the United … Read more

Author Interview with Kim Fielding

Title: Once Upon a Dance Author: Kim Fielding Genre: Two-Hour Romance Short Reads, Two-Hour LGBTQ+ Short Reads, Science Fiction Romance Publisher: Tin Box Press Release Date: March 7, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 70 pages Dom is an aging house-android, toiling away for the cruel and ungrateful owners of an inn. He secretly dreams of freedom, friendship, … Read more

BLOG TOUR: After Midnight – Shari Nichols

After Midnight - Shari Nichols

Shari Nichols has a new fantasy/paranormal romance out: After Midnight. An ancient curse has prevented astrologer Brooke Howe from finding true love. She hides her longing by matching others, hoping to change her fate. When Nico Denopoulos, the gorgeous younger brother of a friend, struts into her shop seeking a soulmate, she’s immediately drawn to … Read more

New Release Giveaway: Jewel of the Alien Bandit – By Sky Robert

Title: Jewel of The Alien Bandit Series: Treasures of Trillume Author: Sky Robert Genre: Science Fiction Romance, Alien Romance, Erotic Romance Publisher: Broken Books Release Date: January 31, 2023 Format: kindle Pages: 213 Source: Amazon I’m taking rulership of my planet soon when I find myself sneaking aboard an off-worlder’s ship to convince him to … Read more

REVIEW : Skythane: Liminal Sky: Oberon Cycle Book #1- J. Scott Coatsworth

Title: Skythane Series: Liminal Sky: Oberon Cycle Book #1 Author: J. Scott Coatsworth Genre: Science Fiction, LGBTQ, Sci Fi Adventure Publisher: Author Second Edition Release Date: Oct 10, 2020 Format: Kindle Pages: 264 Source: Amazon Jameson Havercamp, a psych from a conservative religious colony, has come to Oberon—unique among the Common Worlds—in search of a … Read more