REVIEW: EARTH – The Vetrix Series Book #2-Bill Bush & Blake Bush

The Vetrix Series Book #2
Bill Bush & Blake Bush
Children's Science Fiction, YA Science Fiction, Adventure
‎ Snader Publishing Company
Dec !3, 2017

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Another wonderful addition to this series written by Bill Bush and his teenage son Blake, who knows more about being a teenager than a teenager.

Blake Brick (Flipper) is twelve years old and was once a non-believer when it came to the existence of aliens until he was kidnapped by one. Now he, Allison and Josh have returned home after they helped the Gudes save Vetrix from the Snaders. They left Vetrix heroes and returned to Earth as laughing stocks. Flipper had to face the fact that even his own parents did not believe him and unfortunately, belief will finally come when the Snaders put their plan to conquer Earth out in the open.

Flipper, Allison and Josh are joined by their friends from Vetrix to do everything in their power to save Earth. When the president of the United States is assassinated and other world leaders as well the Vice-President takes over only, she is a human raised and trained by Snaders and is now in the position to control the country and all its people.

Saving Vetrix was child’s play compared to what they are facing now. The Snader’s plan is to convince everyone that they are the defenders and the Gude’s are the enemy not difficult to do when the President has gained the public’s trust, and they believe whatever she says. Nicole and Fox need to see the underground colony that Allison and Josh had discovered and despite Flipper’s parents’ refusal to allow him to go Fox is able to convince them that all will be well, but it is not.

Entering the colony, they discover that it is not deserted and that begins the race to save Earth and themselves. Flipper’s father is kidnapped, Allison discovers that she is a Dreamer able to sleep and have dreams that transport her into actual reality. Now she must learn how to use that gift. In the background are people who inadvertently prove to be valuable, Eric, a scientist is one of those people who always believed in extraterrestrials, a belief that made him a joke to the Scientific community.

Eric has discovered a way to become invisible which has allowed him to be present at meetings the President was holding and recording what her real plans are and who the real enemy is. When he airs the tapes half the population believes they are fake but since we are a world of free will it is not a surprise when people exert that will.

Flipper makes a huge mistake when he trusts a Snader, Finn, and believes if he turns himself in his father would be set free only it leads to his imprisonment and the safety of all his friends. When you love someone all sense of reason goes out the door if there is a possibility of saving them.

Secrets, lies, betrayals and a fight to save the world. Flipper and his friend’s adventures are far from over, so I look forward to more. I read book one which I recommend starting with and loved it just as I love this book. Although it is focused on age 8-18 and I am so far from anywhere near those ages and I don’t like sci-fi books this series had me hooked, and I can’t wait for the adventures to continue.

A father and son are writing this series and that is very special, and I applaud them both.



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