REVIEW : Her Bachelor Cowboy Billionaire – Montana Billionaires Book #5- Cynthia Woolf

Her Bachelor Cowboy Billionaire Book Cover Her Bachelor Cowboy Billionaire
Montana Billionaires Book #5
Cynthia Woolf
Western Romance, Suspense Romance, Thriller
Firehouse Publishing
June 8, 2023

The Montana Billionaires. A thrilling new series by USA Today Bestselling Author Cynthia Woolf!

They take a chance and each find love.

He had given up all hope of ever finding true love until he met her. Despite the age gap between them, their connection was undeniable. He was a billionaire entrepreneur and she was an independent, beautiful and smart woman.

Whenever they touched, electricity surged through them both. He wanted to keep her all to himself so he whisked her away to his ranch in Montana to show her that their love was meant to be.

Would she accept the age difference and fall in love with him?

He hoped he could prove his love to her was forever and prove that age is just a number.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Jessica Kirby’s mom keeps begging her to get married but after her fiancé ran off with her best friend, she was hesitant to look for love again. Unfortunately for Jessica her mom wouldn’t give up and went to a matchmaker, Mrs. Madison, at Love International. Mrs. Madison stated that she already had the perfect man for Jessica only he was thirteen years her senior.

Roark Sullivan is a billionaire who has been engaged six times and just broke off a month before his wedding with number six. His best friend seemed to have the same idea Jessica’s mom had and he met Mrs. Madison. Roark decided he had nothing to lose and needed a date for a charity ball he had coming up in a few days. According to Mrs. Madison his perfect match was Jessica Kirby and they decided to meet up for coffee, which led to dinner and a date for a charity ball.

Jessica and Roark felt an immediate connection but after what happened with her fiancé Jessica was not willing to even accept the idea that he could be the one, once burned twice shy. The ball was perfect and when Roark invited her to come to his ranch in Montana for a week where she would fish, camp and do all the things she once did with her father before he died ten years ago, she decided to go.

Roark was not shy about his feelings for Jessica and promised to give them time to get to know each other, but life got in the way. His money, horse smugglers, injury and secrets. Roark knew she was the one, but she was still fighting it. She decided that even if things didn’t go well between her and Roark a visit to Montana was a perfect location to find material for a new series, Jessica is a romance writer.

The age difference was not an issue with Jessica and Roark was wonderful to her, he never pushed her for more than a kiss and as much as she wanted more, she would wait to see what developed between them. His money was not something she cared about, which Roark knew was the issue with his last six fiancés, in fact his money was the most important thing to them.

She felt things for Roark she never felt for another man and still she questioned if it was real or would she find herself hurt again. She loved the ranch, the people who worked there and loved riding, fishing and camping, of course, riding around the ranch in a helicopter didn’t hurt either. Unfortunately, Jessica got hurt when they were hiking and had to use crutches, unable to fly or do anything strenuous, her one-week stay was extended.

Things got worse when the smugglers decided to open fire on the helicopter and once again her stay was extended. Roark used all the extra time Jessica was at the ranch to prove how much he loved her and convince her that marriage was in their future.

Jessica thought after meeting Mrs. Madison that she was a witch, Roark thought she reminded him of a gypsy, but you had to figure that she was no mere woman but something more.

Love, love, love this series and I have yet to meet a Cynthia Woolf book I didn’t love.

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