Release Day REVIEW : A Flock of Vampires – Bloddrickker Wars #1- Evelyn Thompson

A Flock of Vampires Book Cover A Flock of Vampires
Bloddrickker Wars #1-
Evelyn Thompson
Occult Horror, Occult Fiction, Paranormal and Urban Fantasy
Burton Mayers Books
March 10, 2023

As an elite warrior for the Vampire King, Stu's only mission in life is to wipe out the Rebels' Army, and maybe destroy a few Soul Eaters along the way. That all changes the night a Witch stumbles into the crossfire, using her healing powers to save one of his warriors.

Keltti, a lone witch in the big city, is elated to start working as a healer for the King's Army. While using her magic for a good cause, she has finally found the sense of belonging that has been eluding her for years. Working alongside the Warriors to protect Calgary's supernatural community, Keltti finds an unlikely family in the brotherhood of Vampires - along with an unexplainable desire for one sexy, dangerous vampire in particular.

Stu realizes that Keltti is his one true life mate. But with war ensuing, he refuses to complete the mating bond - a refusal which makes Keltti wonder if she ever really belonged in the first place.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

After ten years Keltti Callinwood, a witch decided to give dating a chance. Joining an online dating service, she accepted a date, meeting at a restaurant. Unfortunately, things didn’t go very well when her date stood her up. Being stood up wouldn’t be the worst thing that would happen to her that night, but her life would certainly change in a big way.

Walking alone she hears gunshots, and she is grabbed and pulled into an alley. She immediately recognizes the man who grabbed her as a vampire. Keltti is supernatural and can recognize others like her, the general population is still largely ignorant of what walks among them. She knows there are two kinds of vampires those that drink blood but don’t kill and those that are called soul eaters killing the ones they drink from and taking part of their soul while doing it.

The vampire that saved her is one of the vampire king’s elite soldiers fighting the Sterken (rebels) who are determined to overthrow the king and bring awareness of vampires to humans. When one of the soldiers is shot with a poisoned bullet Keltti pushes past all the other men to heal the wounded soldier who would not live long enough for help to come. She is a healer and is able to get the bullet out saving the vampire’s life. After help arrives, she is shocked when they take her with them.

Keltti is not a prisoner but is approached with a proposition to work with the king’s soldiers being available when one is injured. The only one opposed to her continuing to be a presence in Bloddrikker Castle is Stu who has been totally uncomfortable ever since he met Keltti suffering from bloodlust which immediately leads him to believe she could be his life-mate, something he does not want.

Keltti accepts the position of being the healer for the soldiers and they all embrace her and welcome her, except for one very grumpy and combative soldier who needs to be away from the witch that disrupts his life. Keltti is very drawn to Stu and when she pushes, he pulls until she realizes she is fighting a losing battle and leaves. She is gone for five years, increasing her healing skills but returns to the vampires who she misses and wants to help if needed.

She continues to prove her worth and after five years is still drawn to Stu. She adds a new group of paranormals to her list of protectors, werewolves, when she heals one of them. She has a way about herself that makes people comfortable and want to protect her. After five years Stu finds he can no longer hide his feelings for Keltti, he wanted her to be safe and that is not something he could guarantee with her involved with the king’s soldiers, but he can’t fight it anymore. If there is a future for them, I won’t reveal in this review.

I loved this book and can’t wait for more; it is a story of good against evil with seven elite soldiers fighting against hundreds of soul eaters. Towards the last half of the book other evil characters are introduced, both human and supernatural, in addition to new fighters against evil. I can’t wait to find out where this series will go next and who will hopefully find their life-mate.

This is the type of series I love, a fight between good vampires and evil, good humans and evil and a beautiful romance thrown into the mix.



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