Release Day- REVIEW: DB and Me- Rob Rosen

DB and Me Book Cover DB and Me
Rob Rosen
Mystery Romance, Historical Romance, Gay Fiction
Jan 20, 2024
n the gripping tale of D.B. and Me, the enigmatic hijacker D.B. Cooper parachutes into the unknown with $200,000 in ransom money, but little does he know that his daring escape is just the beginning of an unforeseen journey filled with mystery, suspense, and steamy romance.

D.B., now Tim, finds himself along the banks of the Columbia River attempting to fade into the shadows. However, fate has other plans when he encounters Adam, a charismatic stranger who’s also in hiding. The air becomes charged with anticipation as the two men become entangled in a mysterious dance, each harboring secrets that could shatter the fragile equilibrium they've quickly established.

Tim's initial plans to vanish into the vast expanse of Canada are abruptly put on hold as the magnetic pull of Adam draws him into a world where passion and danger collide. As their connection deepens while they wander through the snow-covered forests of the Pacific Northwest, so does the labyrinth of una...ffair shadowed by the lingering echoes of several daring crimes, all against the backdrop of the Vietnam War.

As the story unfolds, readers are taken on a heart-pounding journey through a landscape of intrigue, where the line between right and wrong blurs, and the boundaries of love are tested. Will Tim's past catch up with him, will Adam’s, or will they find a way to rewrite the narrative that destiny has penned for them?

D.B. and Me is a riveting exploration of love in the face of danger, a tale where passion and suspense interweave, leaving readers breathless and eagerly turning each page to unravel the secrets hidden within the folds of this captivating romance. Will Tim find redemption or be swallowed by the sadness of his past? And what about Adam and his troubled family and the ever-nagging reminders of a horrible war that still plague him? Dive into the depths of mystery and desire in this thrilling novel that will keep you on the edge until the very end.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Adam is quite an interesting character, always horny, served in Vietnam and on the run after murdering an army officer on American soil. He has made himself at home in a cabin in the town of Eden in Washington State. The cabin belonged to a friend of his in Nam, Lou who talked about the cabin and where it was and when he was killed Adam saw it as the perfect place to keep a very low profile. It isn’t a problem to stay off the radar when you’re living in a town lacking all the amenities, we take for granted, i.e. a supermarket.

Since there is no supermarket getting a turkey for Thanksgiving requires Adam to go hunting for one. Unfortunately, what he found was a raft covered with a parachute and hairy legs sticking out. Pushing at the man to find out if he was alive or not, he finds himself staring at a sexy, hairy man who he knows is older than him. It took Adam no time to approach the man and suggest he remove his underwear so Adam could go to town on his body, which he did.

After a round of love in the afternoon Adam finally finds out the stranger’s name, Tim. Of course, the sex was amazing and led to Thanksgiving dinner together and sharing the cabin for a while. The meeting of Adam and Tim was a case of instant love but they both have secrets that could change everything, but if their feelings are real then those secrets will not have a serious impact.

Adam is a murderer and Tim hijacked a plane and parachuted out with a bag holding $200,000. They decided to head for Canada but while preparing for the long hike the cabin is attacked by men that Adam and Tim are convinced are the FBI, only which one of them are they after. Fortunately, Adam was smart enough to dig a tunnel under the kitchen floor and now despite a bag full of money they have no car and using the money could put a target on their backs.

Adam and Tim are on the run and in between having sex, and that is a constant they are trying to get to Canada. The trip leads to Adam discovering secrets about his parents that will forever change them, like so many others as soon as his parents discovered he was gay things did not go well so now the secrets could be for the good.

Wanted by the FBI, on the run trying to make it to Canada should be enough but life is not finished with Adam and Tim because suddenly they are being pursued by the Mafia. Their relationship is very new and filled with craziness, escaping the FBI, escaping the Mob and coming out of it in one piece is quite a difficult situation but if they hope for a HEA then they must get free from the people who are after them.

I have read many, many MM Romances but I found the sex scenes in this book somewhat distasteful and because of that I was convinced that 3 stars was all I could give until the second half of the book where I found myself glued to the story.

Secrets, surprises, the aftereffects of serving in Nam and well a lot of sex with too much verbiage.

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