Release Day- REVIEW: Fairest of Them All-A Fallen Fairytales Dark MM Romance- Book #3- A.D. Ellis

Fairest of Them All Book Cover Fairest of Them All
A Fallen Fairytales Dark MM Romance- Book #3
A.D. Ellis
Anthology, Collections, Dark Fantasy Gay Romance
AD Ellis Publishing
Feb. 2. 2024

Zane DeWitt is the poster child for traumatic pasts. He’s also the epitome of selflessness, resilience, and determination. Now that he’s finally away from the ones who hurt him, it’s time to reclaim his family’s good name. And seek revenge, of course.
Holter Todd would rather forget everything that brought him to this point in life. He doesn’t need friends or family. He’s good at what he does. If a few of his jobs take him across the line of morality, so be it.
Holter is hired to kill Zane, but he quickly switches his focus to the most deserving target. What happens next leads the two men on a twisting path toward healing and retribution. With the help of their found family, they find their happily ever after along the way.
Fairest of All is a dark, steamy M/M romance between a tough, detached bounty hunter and a sweet, damaged beauty with a heart of gold in the Fallen Fairytales series.


From The Desk of Gloria Lakritz
The Paranormal Romance Guilds Review Chair

It is with great pleasure PRG has been asked to review our First Multi Author Series for 2024. During January and February we have taken on a Valentine’s Dark Fantasy Series, beginning Jan 26th….It will be 6 books and to date this is the schedule:

Valentines Fallen Fairytales Series:


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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This book is part of the Fallen Fairytales multi-author series. Now that I have read this standalone contribution to that series I am not lying when I say I WANT MORE.

Zane DeWitt grew up in a wealthy family filled with love until his mother’s death when he was five. His father worried about his son and faced constant pressure from those around him to remarry and give Zane a mother, too bad these do-gooders didn’t read enough fairytales, or they would know what could happen when a new woman enters the life of a very wealthy man, and what a child could suffer because of it.

The DeWitt name means white, and Zane’s name means snow so no doubt you have guessed what fairytale this story will follow. Zane’s stepmother, Hilary got his father to turn his entire empire over to her, but his father made sure that Zane’s inheritance could not be touched till Zane turned twenty-five.

When his dad got ill, he was sent off to boarding school not because his dad wanted to get rid of him, but worried that his son would witness another parent die.

Every day Hilary would stand in front of her mirror asking, “who’s the fairest of them all” and the answer was her. Then the mirror answered that the fairest was Zane, who was a beautiful, loving boy. Zane was sixteen and Hilary brought him home from boarding school determined to destroy his life and she did a good job of it. She sold Zane to the highest bidder, sex, torture, drugs, beatings were his life and led to him self-harming anything to give him power over his abusers.

There was no escape for Zane since his stepmother promised if he didn’t do what she wanted and satisfy her clients she wouldn’t hesitate to take children from the DeWitt Children’s Home and revealing the home was just a way for Zane’s father to have children at his disposal, his dad’s reputation would be ruined and he would be labeled a pedophile leaving Zane with no choice but to go along with the abuse.

Zane would finally find help when on his way to the bank to sign for his inheritance he was beaten to within an inch of his life thanks to mommy dearest. It would take a man standing over him, a bounty hunter and hitman sent to kill Zane, to change his life, Holter took one look at Zane and knew he could never kill him and would do whatever he could to help.

Holter is a man who had a troubled past, mom a drug addict constantly abused by the men she welcomed into her home until she kicked Holter out. Protecting his mother seemed the right thing to do when one of her boyfriends was beating her but it just ended with her throwing her son out in the street.

Holter is a man who never stays in one place for long, but he found a home with seven other men who he began to think of as friends. The house looked ready to fall but the inside was a different story, no one would come knocking when they saw the outside, so the inside was safe, warm and welcoming to those in need of a place to live.

Once Zane was healed of his wounds, Holter showed doctored photos of a dead Zane and delivered his heart (pig) to Hilary he felt free. But freedom was short lived, and I won’t go into any more detail of what happened and if this fairytale retold has a HEA.

This was a dark story filled with heartbreaking moments and then happy moments. The reliving of Zane’s past was the heartbreaking part but seeing how far he has come to fighting back and facing a future of his own making was a light spot in a dark story.

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