RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Hannah’s Truth -Cypress Security Book #4- Regan Black

Hannah's Truth Book Cover Hannah's Truth
Cypress Security Book #4
Regan Black
Historical Romance, Action Adventure, Romance
March 28, 2024

What happened in Vegas may be the key to surviving a powerful enemy. . .

After his Army career cost him his marriage, Karl Bartholomew swore off commitment and started a new life in Virginia. But when Bart finds one of his employees murdered and all signs point to the cartel, he knows he needs backup.

Calling in a favor from his old Army pals at Cypress Security is a no-brainer, but Bart is as shocked as anyone to find that part of his cover is marriage to the one woman he can’t forget.

DEA Special Agent Hannah Thalberg knows every case has its risks. After her witness is brutally murdered, she refuses to give up her investigation. A Vegas wedding to Bart is the perfect cover. . . and the perfect temptation.

As Bart and Hannah fight to uncover the secrets of their shared enemy, they can’t resist the desire flaring between them. To survive, they’ll have to trust each other—and their hearts.

If you like romantic suspense loaded with fake relationships turned all too real, dangerous thrills, and characters who will do anything for justice, you’ll love Hannah’s Truth!

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


Another amazing addition to an amazing series that I highly recommend reading if you haven’t yet.

Karl Bartholomew left the army after an injury and decided to open a truck stop in an area away from the hustle bustle of big city life. He is divorced with a son, Kyle, who he regrets missing out on so much of his life when he was busy fighting for his country but now as a civilian, he relishes the time with him.

When he gets a wakeup call that his cook, Tim, has not shown up he has no choice but to take over the reins and do his best to serve the truckers who will be coming in soon. He has no time to search for Tim but a look in the dumpster gives him his answer, Tim has been tortured and is dead. A call to the sheriff is all he can do right now but he will begin investigating when the authorities finish theirs.

While Karl is dealing with his cook and friends’ death Hannah Thalberg a DEA special agent is also dealing with a death and a body in a dumpster. Hannah had persuaded the pregnant girlfriend of the Mexican cartel leader, Carlos Gonzales to be a witness and now she is dead along with her unborn child. Hannah wants to continue investigating the Mexican cartel and put a stop to their mobile meth lab but since she has a target on her back she is being relocated.

The only way Hannah can still be a part of the investigation is to go to Virginia to both help Karl, who is being set up with a wiretap, and reveal the fact that he is going to be a father. Six weeks ago, Hannah and Karl were in Vegas when desire took over and they had a one-night stand. They had been friends for a while but never crossed that line before and after they did, they decided it was a mistake and parted ways.

The only way Hannah could get her boss to agree to her going to Virginia was to announce that she and Karl had married in Vegas and with help from Eva Battaglia from Cypress Security she had a fake marriage certificate made, now she had to inform Karl about what is going on. His military experience kicked in when Eva congratulated him on his marriage and that his wife was on the way.

As Hannah and Karl play being married, they discover that the mobile meth lab is using his truck stop and apparently Tim had become suspicious and was tracking trucks and their comings and goings which resulted in his death.

Hannah and Karl can’t resist each other, and she still hasn’t decided whether to tell him about the baby. Of course, a lot happens which I won’t discuss but be assured that there is suspense, murder, lies and betrayals. This is a must-read series.

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