REVIEW : Green Hills and Battlefields- Green Hills Series Book #5- Celyn Kendrick

Green Hills and Battlefields Book Cover Green Hills and Battlefields
Green Hills Series Book #5
Celyn Kendrick
LGBTQ Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
May 1, 2023

“Aye, well, what is an angel, anyway?”

At Samhain, things in Llwyncudd are taking a turn for the strange and bizarre. The red dragon is spotted around town trying to dig its own grave whilst his vessel is happily participating in life elsewhere. Did Stewart’s dragon spirit leave him? Michael, can’t live with the thought.

Meanwhile, Dr Lilibeth Blackthorne, PsyD, has moved to town at her brother Sam’s suggestion. Many of its residents are in desperate need of her counselling services and she’s uniquely qualified—even if she’s never particularly seen multiple personalities quite like this.

Fairy-halfling Arthen also joins the town after being raised in the local fairy village on the other side. Despite the odd cultural clashes of living in a society that requires silly things like clothing, he is making many new friends and is more special than his former masters would have him believe.

Join our friends as they battle their demons from the darker side of the veil in Green Hills and Battlefields—the thrilling fifth book of the Green Hills Series by Celyn Kendrick!

Review By Sherry Perkins
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

“Halloween’s over!”—Green Hills and Battlefields

This is Book 5 in a series of seven. Of the series, Green Hills and Holy Wells (Book 4), was the most compelling one for me. That may be because, although Kendrick is a clever writer, writing remote history is what they do best. Green Hills and Battlefields? Oh, my! It was the book to quite figuratively lose me. The plot is chaotic and jumbled, difficult to follow. I persevered nonetheless because I’ve been invested in the stories and with all the characters since Book 1, Green Hills and Daffodils.

And while there was quite a bit of disturbing imagery In Green Hills and Battlefields, it was necessary within the context of the story. The story, of course, is a continuation of Stewart and Michael’s dragon tale of enduring love.

So, the ancient dragon egg that Stewart and Michael had thought lost, was found and is being tenderly reared, its eventual hatching hoped for but not ensured. In the interim, new characters are introduced, old characters are battling inner demons, existential crises, and crises of faith—all with the gentle guidance of Lilibeth Blackthorne, a.k.a, Lilith (yes, that Lilith), who just happens to be a licensed psychotherapist. Believe me, what everyone in this charming Welsh town needs is a therapist because they are plagued by the multiple personalities created over an immortal lifetime, or by the brutality and hatred of being born either half-bred or otherwise paranormal and spiritual in a human world that sits at the doorstep of the darker fairy world beyond it—and it’s Halloween, which means the veil between worlds is thin. Too thin to prevent mixing between worlds and beings.

Remembering who is who while navigating a confusing array of fetches, astral projections, reincarnations, past traumas, religiosity, and lots of bathroom humor plus the expected crossover between human and fairy realms was unsettling. However, this may very well have been Kendrick’s angsty intention—thus, paving a way for clearing the battlefield of old combatants and ghosts before flying into the next mystery to be solved. Because Ben has gone missing! What does that mean for Stewart, Michael, their unhatched egg, and the future?

A three-and-a-half-star review for a dragon tale of past and current trauma, and love.

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