RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Finders Keepers, Cowboy- Match Made in Montana Book #1- Rachelle Paige Campbell

Finders Keepers, Cowboy Book Cover Finders Keepers, Cowboy
Match Made in Montana Book #1
Rachelle Paige Campbell
Small Town Romance, Romantic Suspense, Women's Fiction
Rowan Prose Publishing, LLC:
March 26, 2024

Meg Hawke’s antique store is faltering. When her octogenarian neighbor Hank asks her to clean out his shed and sell antiques on consignment, she has a real chance at discovering forgotten treasure. If she steps foot on the Montana ranch, however, she’ll come face-to-face with her childhood frenemy and Hank’s grandson, Ryan.

After selling off the ranch’s cattle years before, Ryan Kincaid dove into the world of high-end tourism, devoting everything to the business. For his sanity, he avoids his annoying known-her-since-childhood neighbor, Meg. With the forced proximity of the shed project happening in his backyard, though, he’s singing a different tune. Perhaps he’d been wrong about her.

A surprise discovery spurs both change and challenge, and they’re forced to choose the potential of ever-after or forget each other and finally move on forever.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Meg Hawke spent her summers at her grandparents’ ranch and when they sold it, they retained the ranch house for their family. Meg has decided to leave Chicago to move back to Herd, Montana and open Finders Keepers, an antique shop. Unfortunately, the shop is not doing well and if it doesn’t pick up, she will find herself moving back to Chicago

Meg knew the Kincaid’s who owned the ranch next door and bought her grandparents’ ranch, Ryan who is now running things with his grandfather has had only bad memories of Meg and having her close by is not pleasant. His grandfather Hank has always been like a second grandfather to Meg since she lost hers. Hank has asked for Meg’s help in cleaning out his shed, a shed Ryan has tried to keep him away from, but he is feisty and found the key.

The shed is like a hoarder’s delight, so filled that walking through the shed is almost impossible. When Ryan finds Meg on the property, he approaches her in a very negative manner, telling her to leave and not return. It was Hank that read him the riot act for behaving like a Neanderthal and demanding he apologize. Hank needs her help and loves her dog, Colby. He is eighty-nine and loves the company and companionship.

Ryan was instrumental in removing all the cattle on the ranch and turning it into a resort, gym, yoga, and a Western fun time. Meg turns up often now that Hank has made his desires clear, she is excited because Hank has approached her with a consignment possibility for anything that they find that could be worthwhile.

Things look up when photos and cards are found from the nineteenth century with Buffalo Bill, if original they could be worth a great deal. Meg insists that a professional look over the items and she refuses to take any money.

Things are not quite as difficult between Ryan and Meg since he begins to have different feelings toward her, feelings he won’t accept. Ryan finds it easier to reject any possibility of feelings and just continue his idea of her being too talkative and overall annoying. Fortunately, Hank sees what Ryan is blind to, he and Meg belong together. Hank is determined to be a matchmaker and refuses to give up.

The resort is doing well and fully booked and despite Ryan’s desire to stay away from Meg she has an idea that he can’t ignore, the place is perfect to hold events, i.e. weddings. She also speaks to a man from a famous auction house and all the items she approached them about are proved to be legitimate and they will be offered at auction. In addition, the man from the auction house who is now staying at the resort has offered her a job just one more thing she has to decide on. Keep the store or move away.

This was a very sweet, slow-moving romance, no suspense, no violence, no sex, just a simple story of two people who have known each other since childhood and can’t put the childhood feelings away and embrace the adult feelings.

It would take an eighty-nine-year-old and a dog to bring two stubborn people to finally notice that their differences are exactly what makes them perfect for each other.

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  1. Looks like a cute romance story but I read it all and saw no Paranormal. Did I miss it there was a great opportunity in all the Vintage items to introduce it.


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