RELEASE DAY-REVIEW: Under Her Roof- Accidently Under Cover- Allison Temple

Under Her Roof Book Cover Under Her Roof
Accidently Under Cover
Allison Temple
LGBTQ Mystery, Lesbian Romance, LGBTQ Thriller
March 26, 2024

This will be a 6 book for our reviews:

Under Her Roof: Allison Temple March 26,Under The Gun: Cari Z Apr 2, Under His Sheets: RL Merrill Apr 9 Under The Table: Layla Rayne: Apr16, Under His Name: M.A. Grant: Apr 23,Under the Radar: Linden Bell Apr 30

My name is Gillian and I have three problems:

  • A fallen tree through the roof of my family’s remote island cottage.
  • A sister trying to sell said cottage out from under me.
  • A dead body in the living room. Sadly, it’s not my sister’s.

Actually, make that four problems: my ex, Amanda, just showed up uninvited. Apparently, she’s a spy, undercover to investigate the luxury wine auction hosted by my conniving sister.

We’ve got no connection to the mainland and a murderer on the island, so tonight Amanda and I have three missions:

  • Find the killer
  • Stay alive
  • Escape by sunrise

Actually, make that four missions: Do not fall in love, because apparently Amanda and I are far from over.

Under Her Roof is part of the Accidentally Undercover shared LGBTQ+ romantic suspense series.

Review by Gloria Lakritz
Review Chair for The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Allison Temple opens this 6 book series with a bang! Allison is a new to me author, but after reading this, I Will be following her work more closely!

This interesting who-dun-it reminds me of Col Mustard in the Kitchen with a poker and the authors writing keeps you interested in the game. There is a large group of people coming to this island home for many reasons, some more nefarious than others.

We begin with it being a rainy day and 5 people are waiting to hitch a boat that will take them to an island. They are chatting amongst themselves as Gillian whose home it is that they are going to arrives. They are all strangers to her and slowly they begin to introduce themselves.

Gillian is there to talk to her sister who has been dodging her for weeks. There are 2 couples and a single older gentleman speaking about vintage wines. One of the ladies mentions when aboard Murray’s 28 footer, that there is an auction they are attending. Gillian is only hear on her way to Ross Island to talk to her sister Sloan.

Their father was a famous writer and was found dead in this house on the Island. He was found by a contractor who was doing work for him when he arrived in the morning to work. Murray pulls up at the dock and the 5 start to leave and Gillian asks if he will wait she wont be long….Thunder in the distance he says he will pick her up first thing in the morning and she agrees.

Walking the over 90 steps from the dock up to the patio Gillian meets two best friends of her father and shockingly standing in the corner is her ex Amanda looking like the goddess she remembered.

The thunder and lightning storm begins, the storm getting wilder, the large old 200 year old tree is hit and comes through the roof. The electricity goes out. They are trapped in the wine cellar…..the finally use their phone flash lights and climb out of the cellar….Gillian is walking thru something wet, as she finds Vincent’s body on the floor dead.

Now they are trapped, on the island, in a house, with a murderer , till morning……See Col Mustard etc etc

Good Read!!

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