Release Day-REVIEW: Bridging Hope- Bridging Hearts Book #1- Greyson McCoy

Bridging Hope Book Cover Bridging Hope
Bridging Hearts Book #1
Greyson McCoy
Small Town, Short Read, MM Romance,
Dreamspinner Press LLC
March 26, 2024

When workaholic Pierce Simms’s sister passes, he suddenly finds himself unemployed, back in the hometown he fled, and raising his niece and nephew. Despite that, he’s confident he has things under control—at least until his sister’s high-school sweetheart shows up.

With his teaching grant ended, Dalton O’Dell is at loose ends and tight purse strings. Just as the world crashes down on him, he learns his ex-girlfriend has passed and named him guardian of her two young children. Chaos ensues when he and her brother, Pierce, are forced together to raise the toddlers in Pierce’s family farmhouse.

Nestled in the enchanting beauty of the farm, Pierce and Dalton bond over the challenges of co-parenting and their shared grief as unexpected love blossoms. Love might not be enough, however, if they can’t learn to bridge the gap between their different worlds and overcome the trauma of their pasts.

Review by Gloria Lakritz
Review Chair for The Paranormal Romance Guild

I will admit I am in love with stories like this. Small hometown story, has something ‘more’ for this N.Y. City Yankee. Greyson McCoy’s beginning short story introduces us to what he intends for this series, and sigh, I am all in.

Pierce Simms had left home in his teens, to save himself from the abuse of his father. He never looked back, and never expected to learn his sister Lizzie, who he abandoned was dying. He comes back to the place he thought he would never see again, leaving his job, to look after and raise Lizzie’s two young children.

Evidently Lizzy had other plans, as Alton O’Dell who had been Lizzy’s High School sweetheart is named guardian to raise her children. Alton’s teaching grant ended and he comes to town, hires a lawyer and the sides meet. Alton watches as Pierce handles a screaming infant and has the patience to talk gently to the playing toddler and wonders why he is needed. Pierce and he decide to have him move into the oter bedroom across the hall cause Pierce could use the help.

Deciding to co-parent was what they decided, and there are plans, and good intentions, and babies, and chores and feelings and misunderstandings. They both have to do something or walk away.

Awesome feels from this starting story….I want more please.

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