Release Day REVIEW : Jewel of the Alien Bandit – Treasures of Trillume Book #1- Sky Robert

Jewel of the Alien Bandit - Treasures of Trillume Book #1- Sky Robert Book Cover Jewel of the Alien Bandit - Treasures of Trillume Book #1- Sky Robert
Jewel of the Alien Bandit - Treasures of Trillume Book #1- Sky Robert
Jewel of the Alien Bandit - Treasures of Trillume Book #1- Sky Robert
Fated Mates, Science Fiction, Space Opera, Romance
Broken Books
Jan 31, 2023

I'm supposed to be taking rulership of my planet when I find myself sneaking aboard an off-worlders' ship.

It’s just my bad luck the last known shol male is a compatible mate, when being with him could jeopardize my entire species. I am a ruler, and it is my clan duty to mate for survival… not love. He can’t be mine if I wish to protect my planet from invasion.

I can’t keep him, but my mating loh react to his touch, and everything in me wants him to be mine.

A sci-fi fated-mates alien romance from Sky Roberts, first of the Treasures of Trillume series. This steamy, page-turning romance between an outlaw alien and the strong female ruler that wants him, will have you devouring every morsel towards their HEAFN.

This is book one of the Treasures of Trillume series. Each a standalone romance, consensual spicy times, and an overarching plot laced between each book. World building sci-fi adventure but with a sexy twist. Strong females, and possessive (but respectful) love interests. For all you alien lovers out there that like vibrating, pulsating extremities, and mates that bond for life. The steamy bare chest should be evidence enough of what you are getting yourself into. You’re welcome.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Luan is the daughter of the queen of Estreldez a planet where the inhabitant’s bodies are covered in jewels and the more jewels the more powerful. Estreld’s have become dependent on Krelin for their nutritional supplies, a planet of cannibals who are constantly demanding more jewels. Estreldez is also having a decline in offspring and Luan is determined to find a solution to both problems.

Every year a mating ceremony is held, and this year Luan is hoping to once again avoid joining but her mother is unwilling to allow her to do it. All Luan wants is to be able to leave the planet in search of answers to the problems her clan is suffering, unfortunately she is the heir to the throne and that is not something that will be allowed.

Vareo is a pirate for Necia, a planet of alien outlaws. As a young child his planet Sholonus was destroyed, his life was spared, and he became an indentured slave. His newest assignment is to join the mating celebration on Estreldez and steal their treasure which hopefully would give him enough credit to buy his freedom. With fake paperwork he is allowed to join in the celebration then everything changed when he saw Luan and was instantly smitten.

Luan knows he is a mercenary and plans on sneaking on his ship to finally be able to search the planets for help for Estreldez. What she didn’t expect was to find herself burning for him. Then a delegate from Krelis is there as a possible mate and she also feels something when near him, but he is the enemy and mating with him is not a possibility. Trent, the Krelis delegate wants Luan and offers a promise of negotiation between the two planets and Luan’s mother is pushing for that to happen.

Luan has a mind of her own and manages to sneak aboard Vareo’s ship, a move that will lead to all kinds of trouble. When she is discovered, there is no doubt that Vareo is the one she wants since all her jewels light up when he touches her. Although from a different planet Vareo knows that she is the one but there are too many obstacles to their being together.

I found the book to be very confusing at times, too many stories going on at the same time, so many things that didn’t make sense. The first half of the book was slow moving but the last half is when the story really came alive. I loved Luan and Vareo who belonged together and yet kept pulling away. There were secrets and surprises. There is no doubt that more is coming, and I look forward to it.

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