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The Agent and the Outlaw Book Cover The Agent and the Outlaw
Les Dames Dangereuses Book #2
Lily Riley & Mystic Owl
Ghosts, Vampire , Paranormal Vampire Romance
City Owl Press, Mystic Owl
May 19, 2022

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When we left off in book one Charlotte de Brionne was dealing with her husband who summoned a demon to get her cousin Daphne to love him using her as the sacrificial lamb. Fortunately, her husband is now in prison for life, but she is determined to never let herself be used like that again, so she has become an agent for the women-only sect of the Order, Les Dames Dangereuses led by Daphne.

Her newest assignment is to kill the Marquis de Sade, everything is planned and as will happen sometimes plans go awry, this one certainly did. A masquerade ball was the perfect setting for the kill Charlotte dressed as cupid would lure Sade outside and strangle him making it appear it was a sex act that went too far, perfect, until an arrow pierced Sade’s heart and the shooter decided to kidnap her.

Antoine de Valle killed Sade as revenge for the deaths of his nephew and his sister. Sade tortured his nephew to death nd his sister killed herself, just one of many reasons this sadist needed to die. When he saw charlotte, he mistook her for a young boy and was worried that with her fake arrows she would be blamed for the death, so he was rescuing her not knowing what he was getting himself into. If you read book one, then you are aware of Charlotte and her feisty personality. She does not conform to aristocratic beliefs, only her own.

With Charlotte tied up and dragged along with Antoine on his horse she wakes up unafraid and mad as hell and she doesn’t hesitate to let him know. When Antoine discovers her real identity he is immediately smitten, and Charlotte is drawn to him. As they travel together, they are attacked by the Beasts of Blood vampires created by his father it is then that Antoine realizes this is no ordinary woman since she doesn’t hesitate to kill one of the vampires and fight off the others. Antoine has met his match and keeping up with her is no easy task.

So much happens in this book another attack by the vampires with the added addition of a werewolf. A new species unheard of before and somehow Charlotte, unwilling to just let Antoine fight alone, finds herself bitten by one of the vampires and scratched by the werewolf. Once again Dr. Van Helsing is called to save the day as she has done before in book one, only this time will she be successful, not for me to say.

Antoine is the son of General de Vaux the monster that sent his own grandson to Sade to further his own agenda and is preparing to build an army of Vampires. The General oversees the King’s armies and

Is doing everything without the king’s knowledge which is treason and Antoine wants to see his father dead or hanged, what’s one more murder, he can only hang once.

The relationship between Charlotte and Antoine grows but each time he is faced with the opportunity to protect her she is the one doing the protecting. Charlotte is an amazing character, spunky, take no prisoners attitude and a woman who wants what she wants and doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks. She proves that women are equal to any man and her mouth has no filter lol.

Secrets, lies, romance, sex, werewolves, vampires and political drama all taking place before the French Revolution. Although each book ends with a taste of what is to come and can be read separately, I would highly recommend reading them in order to truly know each character’s story. Book one is Daphne and Etionne’s story, this was Charlotte and Antoine’s, and book three is Dr. Van Helsing’s, can’t wait.




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