RELEASE DAY – REVIEW: Killer Notes – The Road to Rocktoberfest 2023- C.J. Barlowe

Killer Notes Book Cover Killer Notes
The Road to Rocktoberfest 2023 Anthology
C.J. Barlowe
Heavy Metal Band, Rockstar Romance, LGBTQ Fiction. Anthology
November 10, 2023



Making it to Rocktoberfest will be a feat when a crazed fan goes after Danny Raven Wells, the lead singer of Warrior Black. On the cusp of launching its first major album, Danny has to navigate the band’s quick rise to fame, a stalker that’s willing to kill, and an infuriating bodyguard Danny’s falling for.

Tobias Grant has only two jobs: to protect the lead singer and deliver him safely to Rocktoberfest. Falling fast for the talented rocker, who somehow got under his defenses, isn’t one of them. However, Tobias will do whatever it takes, even putting himself in the line of fire, to get Danny on stage before the deranged fan hurts another person.

In this force proximity ballad, Danny and Tobias must make compromises, but will they survive the sexual friction between them as music and danger collide?


10/3 Rocking Karma Kaje Harper

10/6 Axe To Grind Gabby Grey

10/10 Key Change Ari McKay

10/13 Hidden Storm Angelique Jurd

10/17 More Than October Blake Allwood

10/20 Faded Dreams BL Maxwell

10/24 Midnight Riff Lynn Michaels

10/27 Damaged Saints Layla Dorine

10/31 Music & Dreams JP Sayle

11/3 Seltzer’s Taylor T.L. Travis

11/7 Loose String Christie Gordon

11/10 Killer Notes CJ Barlowe


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Another band and another trip to the Rocktoberfest Concert. This time it is Warrior Black, a band of five men who began together in high school. This concert is their big break only there is trouble, the lead singer, Danny Raven Wells has been receiving notes from a stalker and some of them are threatening. Security is hired and Danny is not happy, the idea of always having someone looking over his shoulder is making him uneasy.

Tobias Grant is assigned to Danny, and he is sure he will be protecting a prima donna which is funny because as soon as he sees Danny, he is drawn to him. Danny was also attracted to Tobias and yet their Interaction with each other is less than friendly. When Danny’s personal assistant is attacked and has a note pinned to her chest the reality of the danger Danny is in can’t be ignored. The best way to protect the band is for Danny and Tobias to find a safe house so the focus is off everyone but Danny.

Now the two of them are alone, fighting their feelings. Danny spent years with his ex-boyfriend who physically abused him until the band took charge and kicked him out. Unfortunately, the mental scars are much harder to deal with. Tobias was engaged until he walked in on his fiancé in bed with another man. Both men have been hurt by the person they loved, and thought would love them back, so it was a lesson that has made them weary of giving their heart again.

Tobias takes them to his grandfather’s house, now his, in an isolated area where Tobias feels confident that they are safe. It was fun to watch how they tried to convince themselves they wouldn’t give in to their feelings, I just kept reading until the moment that gave in, which I knew would happen. It is a story of the heart ignoring the head, the head on the neck lol.

Now the big day is coming close, and Tobias is determined to keep Danny safe. They have no information as to who the stalker is and when at the concert Danny’s abusive ex shows up and Tobias’ cheating ex and the feeling of danger becomes a reality. These two exes make their intentions known and more security is brought in. Tobias doesn’t care how much security is brought in, he has only one objective sticking as close to Danny as possible and keeping him safe.

The night before the concert Danny is hurt and Tobias was not there with him, someone invaded his room on the tour bus. Fortunately, Tobias arrived before any real damage could be done. The stalker has made it very clear that they mean business and it could be someone in the inner circle.

This is a multi-author series and I have read a great many of them and highly recommend everyone beginning this adventure. Music, romance, sex, suspense and wonderful characters both primary and secondary. I enjoyed learning what goes into making a band and how hard they must fight to be recognized. I have no doubt that I wouldn’t survive their hours, so thank goodness I can’t carry a tune and don’t have to worry.

This was a HEA and I read this book in one sitting and it would really be worth giving this series a try.

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