REVIEW: A Vampire’s Obsession – Magick & Fangs Trilogy Book #2- Maggie Tideswell

A Vampire's Obsession Book Cover A Vampire's Obsession
Magick & Fangs Trilogy Book #2
Maggie Tideswell
Paranormal, Dark Fantasy, Vampire Romance
April 4, 2023

Not even powerful magick can keep away an obsessed vampire from the woman he craves for.

Sophia's world is turned upside down as she feels the seductive pull of two enthralling men: Jared Walters, the father of her child, and Zanephyn Heardt, the man she still has feelings for.

But beneath their respective charms lurks an unspoken truth that threatens to tear her world apart.

Is Zane really a vampire killing innocent women for their blood? Can she trust Jared, or is he just another pawn in an insidious game?

When these two men converge on her life, fighting for control, will she learn the truth before it’s too late?

Find out in the second installment of Magick and Fangs Series.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This book picks up right after book one and there is no recap of what previously happened so reading this series in order is a must.

Sophia is still torn between her love for Zane and her feelings for Jared. Both men are pushing her, Jared wants them to marry ever since they made love on a spot on the beach that was where a handfasting took place and although they had never met before they are forever bound. The problem is that Sophia still loves Zane and only feels embarrassment when she is with Jared.

Sophia has no idea that Zane is a vampire and his plans for her are not what she thought. The one-time Jared and Sophia were together she got pregnant and that destroyed Zane’s desire to have her as a virgin. He believes that virgin blood will cure him and make him normal. Now that Sophia is pregnant it is the next best thing, and he claims the baby as his.

Since Sophia is no longer a virgin, she owes him the child. Jared sees Zane as a man with no idea he is more than that. He will fight for Sophia and his child and wants them to marry, unfortunately, Sophia refuses and still loves Zane. Through book one and now this book I just kept wanting to smack her and hoped eventually her brain and heart would embrace the right man.

With all the stress Sophia loses the baby and she goes into hiding. She needs some peace in her life and with Jared and Zane in the picture that is not going to happen. Rowena reveals her whereabouts to Jared knowing that Sophia should not be alone. Luckily, he arrives before Zane who has taken Rowena’s blood and everything, she knows he now knows.

Little by little Sophia begins to see Zane in a new light and when he asks where the baby was buried so he could retrieve it she knew he was not the man she once loved and wants him out of her life. With the help of Meredith, Zane and Lyle’s mother plus a vampire slayer they are ready to work together to protect Sophia.

As a captain in the military Jared’s time is not his own, if he is called to duty he cannot be there for Sophia, being AWOL would still result in him being away from her. Now it’s everyone against Zane but as a vampire he has abilities that they can’t match. Sophia’s life is in danger, and it is still a question as to whether she will accept that her heart belongs to Jared.

A story of good vs. Evil, surprises, secrets and lies. I loved the characters even Sophia who I did want to smack because of her indecision. Once again, I urge you to begin with book one. I now know how important it was and now I am ready for the last book in the series.

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