Release Day- REVIEW: Luca -White Knight Security Book #3- Jackie Keswick

Luca Book Cover Luca
White Knight Security Book #3
Jackie Keswick
Rockstar, Gay Romance, Action, Adventure,Military
Feb 16, 2023

Luca Birch talks to strangers as if he’s known them for years. So why does he struggle to connect with White Knight Security’s latest client? Because the man is gorgeous, and Luca has seen him on stage? Or because Jax Monroe lives to push Luca’s buttons?

Luca may be a tiny bit starstruck, but if he can’t figure out who is attacking Jax and how to stop it, he won’t ever get the chance to unravel Jax’s many layers and find out what’s beneath.

And that’s a failure his heart might not be able to take.

Review by Gloria Lakritz
Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the third book in the White Knight Security series. We have read Grant and Rylan”s stories. Four men have retired from the service in England. They are living in a large compound they inherited melding their home and their business into one building. They were lucky to get great reviews of their work early on, from highly respected people and now they are a credible name people choose to work with.

Luca’s book was a little different. Luca get a call from the office that a rock star Jax Monroe is in trouble. Luca is in the south and Jax is hours north. It wouldn’t have been a problem except Luca was just going to get some shut eye. He was in a field at a music festival….Packed his gear and headed north driving for HOURS.

Luca is thrilled he will meet his idol….The famous Jax Monrow….The house is very hidden on a seaside cliff. Dirty, tired and hungry Luca rings the bell and gorgeous Jax opens the door, stunning Luca who says something really stupid….

Jax not thrilled meeting this insulting man. This is just after surviving almost being run off the road by a Big truck trying to run him off the road; graciously lets Luca in. Luca is needing a shower, a nap and food in that order and is embarrassed at what is coming out of his mouth.

Both men’s history are very similar. Both have problems about themselves and how they are not seen by the people who should care about them; past and present. This could hamper the attraction they feel, and how they are drawn to each other.

This story showed Luca who shut down verbally while trying to workout who was stalking Jax. To protect Jax he didn’t give him info, just told him what to do. Jax being from one home to another as an orphan felt unseen.

I think I enjoyed this book best so far, they are still a work in progress; but willing to put in the work. I cannot wait to see how they have accomplished this, as I see there is a next book. Way to go Jackie Keswick!!!

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