RELEASE DAY – REVIEW: Novella – The Dragon’s Prisoner – Holly Day

The Dragon's Prisoner Book Cover The Dragon's Prisoner
Holly Day
Gay Fiction, Paranormal Romance Dragon Fantasy, Novella
JMS Books
Jan 13, 2024

Stealing from a dragon is bad, getting caught is worse.

Kasper Cobalt is a thief who wants to quit, but his boss forces him to do one last job. He has, of course, heard of dragons, but he isn’t sure he believes in them until he’s standing in front of a guy who breathes smoke and has weird eyes.

Saxon the Sinful is bored out of his mind. Running a jewelry store on Dragon Row should be pleasing. He is, after all, surrounded by gold and gemstones. But he’s also surrounded by humans, and one of them has the audacity to try to steal from him.

After having caught Kasper, Saxon locks him up in his basement. He should kill him, and he might, but first he’ll feed him. He looks hungry. Kasper can’t hang around and play dragon’s prisoner even though Saxon takes great care of him. His boss will kill him if he doesn’t finish the job. Kasper is reluctant to betray Saxon, but a thief and a dragon can never have a happily ever after, can they?

NOTE: The Dragon’s Prisoner takes place on the same street as The Book Dragon’s Lair and Mated to the Fire Dragon but can be read as a standalone story.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Kasper Cobalt knew how to do just one thing and that was steal. He was an orphan and when he was thrown out a woman named Loretta came to his rescue. She taught him how to steal, gave him the addresses to go to and what she wanted him to take. She was not a very kind woman, but she saw to it that he had a means of making money and she was always honest with him. When she died, he was lost with no direction as to what to steal and from whom, so he made the unfortunate mistake of hooking up with Duke Sharpe. Duke was the opposite of Loretta and Kasper wanted out, just one more job and he was free only that job would make him a prisoner once again.

His job was to steal something valuable from Saxon the Sinful’s jewelry store, Dragon’s Treasure, the first time he would ever steal from a store. The job was in the town of Edge on Dragon’s Row only he had no way of knowing that Dragon’s Row was the home of dragons. He had heard stories about dragons but never took it seriously until he met Saxon, saw his eyes and smoke coming out of his mouth.

Stealing from a dragon could only result in disaster but not stealing from him would put a target on his back. He was in a situation of being between a rock and a hard place and his coming out of it would mean trouble from either Saxon or Duke. He realized that Duke had men following him, so escape was impossible and not doing his job was out of the question.

Saxon had been exiled to the human world and he lost his treasure in addition to having to pay a fine by sending jewels to his mother through the portal. He found his fiancé with another dragon and in a fit of rage burned them both. Since women are very rare trying to kill one is unforgiveable, but she did survive. Now he has a jewelry store with an inventory of less than valuable pieces and he is always paid in paper (money), so he is a very grumpy, dissatisfied dragon and he doesn’t hesitate to show it to anyone coming into his shop.

People come to Dragon’s Row to see dragons. It is the main source of entertainment and income, so customers take his nasty attitude as being amusing. Kasper discovers where Saxon keeps his valuable pieces, pieces that Saxon is not anxious to sell. When Kasper finally has a chance to pick the locks on the drawers containing the diamonds, he sees one that he is convinced is the most valuable and doesn’t hesitate to take another one as a way for him to get money to leave.

When Saxon catches Kasper he locks him in his treasure room, a room that only contains a prisoner. Kasper fears for his life but Saxon feeds him, keeps him warm and just ties him up with no indication of what he will do to him.

Saxon is an amazing character who after years in the human realm still doesn’t quite understand humans and his lack of understanding made me laugh out loud. So, this is where I will end my review because I will not reveal what happened to the dragon’s prisoner but will say that it was wonderful.

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