REVIEW: Prequel- The Maw of Mayhem- New Series Grimdark – AK Nevermore

Prequel- The Maw of Mayhem Book Cover Prequel- The Maw of Mayhem
Prequel New Series Grimdark
AK Nevermore
Paranormal, Erotica. Shifters
Changling Press LLC
Dec 3, 2023
E Book

Grimdarke James has got problems. As Vice Prez of the Maw of Mayhem MC, he needs to keep his shit together, but between the constant threat of his inner cat going feral, and Nikki, one of the motorcycle club’s mollys, blackmailing him, it’s a fine line some days.

Then when an arms deal goes bad, everything goes to hell with it. All fingers point to an old club enemy, a man Grim has reason to both fear and loathe, but the facts don’t add up, and everyone is a suspect… including Grim. Faced with the constant threat of Nikki revealing his past and his need to prove himself to the MC, the fragile peace he’s made with his cat is threatened.

Out of options and running out of time, Grim sets a bold plan into motion, and the consequences are far more dire than he could have imagined…

Review by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Two motorcycle clubs, one deadlier than the other and each wanting the other to disappear. GrimDarke James is the VP of Maws of Mayhem, his father is the alpha and most of the club fears him. Grim’s cat Darke is a mountain lion who sometimes takes over and goes feral. Darke has attacked allies, and he is unpredictable.

An arms deal is in the works and Grim senses something is wrong and so does Darke who makes an appearance and helps put down the enemy. Now the deal with the supplier is in jeopardy and the MC is put on hold until they discover who betrayed them. Grim’s dad, Clay believes it is Satan’s Vengeance led by Reaper only he is in prison with no means of communicating with his people, or has he found a way.

Grim was part of Reaper’s MC for years until his father finally came and rescued him only, he has suffered and wondered why his father waited so long. He is being blackmailed by one of the members daughter, Nikki, information he doesn’t want his father to find out about so in lieu of her silence he promised to make her his queen, a promise he is doing everything he can to assure never happens.

This book is a short prequel and is just a taste of what will come and now I am hungry for more. Sex, lies, betrayals, violence, surprises and everything you could want from a shifter paranormal romance, well everything I want.

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