REVIEW: Saving Him-Sara Hurst

Saving Him Book Cover Saving Him
Sara Hurst
Gay Romance, Anthology, Collections, Navy Seals, Military Romance
Nov 28, 2023


This book is part of the Captivated by Romance Collaboration, a multi author series.

When the one you love but shouldn’t is taken, you fight like hell to get them back.

Adam DuBois is a true hero—a Navy SEAL dedicated to his team and country. You can see it in everything he does.

That’s what I tell people when they ask me about him.

To me, though, he’s so much more than a hero. More than a SEAL. He’s the love of my life.

I met Adam when we were eighteen and headed to boot camp. Fast forward eight years, and we’re still together—still friends. We’ve been through hell and back, and I fell in love along the way while Adam discovered a love for my…uh…finer assets.

We kept it under wraps. Hid it all from everyone. All because we love the Navy, and DADT said we have to.

But everything changed for me when Adam was captured. Now, all I care about is bringing him home alive.

Review by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Adam DuBois and Brock Jones met in basic and continued together through BUD’s. They are on the same team and have become best friends only Brock wants more, Adam is the love of his life but Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) kept their friendship from developing into something more. DADT is not the only thing holding Brock back from pursuing Adam, he is sure that Adam is straight.

Adam was expected to be the new Team Leader, but it went to Foster Holt who is a legacy and whose father is an Admiral. Adam wasn’t resentful because he liked Foster, and he had no idea that it would be Foster and his dad that would be responsible for saving his life. The last op resulted in Adam being captured and it apparently was a trap.

Brock and Adam had finally gotten to the point in their relationship where they had a very active sex life whenever they were able to find time alone but love never came out of Adam’s mouth. With DADT a constant fear and the fear of being thrown out of SEALS which they worked so hard to become part of it would take resigning or breaking up. Unfortunately, now the only thing on Brock’s mind is finding Adam and praying he is still alive.

Brock and Adam’s teammates understand that their friendship is much stronger than just that, but they don’t care and are as determined as Brock to bring Adam home. After Adam was taken the Navy sent the entire team back home while not making a move for a rescue. While Adam is in enemy hands the higher ups are taking their sweet time on bringing home one of their own.

Adam was locked in a box brought out to be tortured, water boarded and electrocuted. He was given little water other than what he could drink while being dunked over and over and very little food which just weakened him. Before he was captured, he was shot a few times and those wounds remained open and festering. Weeks of this torture and all he ever answered was his name and rank, a hero if ever there was one.

It would take Foster’s father to come to the rescue, who has no love for the big shots who never served in the field and held men’s lives in their hands. Foster’s father discovered that the brass was aware of where Adam was being held for over a week and refused to make a move until they gathered more intel, Adam was betrayed by the people who he willingly gave his life for and for his country.

Escape seems impossible for Adam although it is never far from his mind, hungry, dehydrated, infections and extreme pain, no weapons and still he is willing to fight if given half a chance. His biggest regret was never telling Brock he loved him and now it may be too late. Brock fears never seeing Adam alive again and never knowing if Adam loved him, the blame for that lies squarely in the DADT rule.

Men fight for their country, put their life on the line repeatedly which takes second to whether they are gay or not. I have always resented the DADT rule because I am a firm believer that we should be able to love who we love without facing recrimination. I also resent the fact that the higher ups arbitrarily put men in dangerous situations without giving any thought behind those orders or if they even know what they are talking about. Unfortunately, there are some things that will never change.

I have read many military books, seen many military movies and this one hit all my emotional buttons, so I would say this book is a WOW

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