Release Day Review : Sean’s Sunshine – The Flop House Book #3- Amy Lane

Release Day Review : Sean's Sunshine - Book Cover Release Day Review : Sean's Sunshine -
The Flop House Book #3
Amy Lane
Gay Romance, LGBTQ Fiction, Medical Romance
Dreamspinner Press
March 7, 2023

As a young detective, Sean Kryzynski expected violence on the job, not to get stabbed coming back from lunch. Add an angsty bedside breakup, and by the time he gets home from the hospital, he’s over everything, including his irritating, hot-as-balls nurse, Billy No-Last-Name with the big, cynical brown eyes.

Billy’s whole porn-model flophouse is experiencing a wave of altruism and adulting—people getting real jobs and going to shrinks and doing good works. Billy opts in too—he wants to be a good guy—but his assignment is taking care of the world’s most exasperating, headstrong patient. At least bunking with Sean means Billy has his own spare bedroom and some peace and quiet to do classwork.

The porn model and the policeman seem to have no common ground, but Billy's experience herding his younger siblings helps him manage Sean with unexpected empathy—a skill Sean has been working on too, because he wants to be a good cop. Eventually they chip away at the walls around each other’s hearts and discover a real connection. If not for their incompatible day jobs and inconvenient pasts, they might even be falling in love….

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Amy has kept me entertained for the last few months between The Long Con series and The Flop House series. If you have read any of my reviews…..I have read EVERY book Amy Lane has written! To say I am a fan of this wonderful author does not even explain the relevance of her work to so many.

Amy began as a high school English teacher and Mom of three and has honed her skills fighting hard for the children in her care in the school system and her own at home….A very liberal teacher and Mother it is no surprise she finds comfort in the LGBTQ community..

Sean’s Sunshine is added to her Flop House Series Book #3; which is a spin off from the Johnnies Series and Fish Series and a call up of characters from Racing for the Sun ‘ Ace and Sonny………I know this combination of all these characters are stunning….I do not know how she could have meshed all these characters and still has kept them together in these stories and in two different series’…..To add to that, reading the last two Flop House stories book #2 Constantly Cotton and this release Sean’s Sunshine the dynamics are also so inter woven I am amazed !

So again we are still dealing with Jackson Rivers P.I., Ellery Cramer Lawyer and Henry Worrall from the Fish series. They are working with the Johnnies porn stars who are working at doing porn, going to school or working other jobs, all living together as a mismatched family in the Flop House.

This case that they have been working on since before Constantly Cotton, has Jackson and Ellery working the legal side of it as their friends get entangled and injured in its backlash of corrupt cops and very dirty higher ups.

In this part of the story our sweet young detective, Sean Kryzynski coming back from lunch is knifed and in the hospital his boyfriend dumps him. Needing care at home they call upon Billy from the Flop House to help. As only Amy can do, with two lost souls, Magic!!!!!

Please read in order for best enjoyment Book 1 Shades of Henry…Book 2 Constantly Cotton

And there are many Fish Books to read as well

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