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Cursed by a Vampire Book Cover Cursed by a Vampire
Immortal Hearts of San Francisco Book #7
Susan Griscom
Vampire Romance, Witches and Wizards, Paranormal Vampire Romance
Nov. 4, 2022

Living with the DeMarco vampires has been a lifesaver for Ari. However, as a human, he’s always felt inferior; has always wanted to be turned, while his vampire friends have refused his one wish.

And then he meets Abella, and suddenly he isn’t sure what he wants anymore.

Abella is also human, although she too is familiar with vampires. Her grandfather is one. The half-witch who cursed her is a vampire. She’s learned to live with both her grandfather and the curse; was content with her life.

Until she meets Ari.

Now she’s living a nightmare, because falling in love could lead to Ari’s death, thanks to her curse.
What will these two ill-fated humans do?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Each book in this series followed a member of the Lost Boys rock and roll band, how they met their mates and even the birth of triplets thanks to a spell by Vanessa a witch and vampire. Everyone living in the DeMarco mansion, all vampires have found their HEA, except for the one human Ari.

Ari was found in a trash can when he was an infant and spent his time in foster care. At the age of fourteen Ari ran away living on the streets and using heroin. It was when he was fifteen that Lane and Cain found him near death in an alley. Ari’s life changed and he never looked back. With no memory of what happened in the alley or even his name, Lane and Cain named him Ari DeMarco and brought him into the family.

Ari has everything he could ever want, but what he wants is to be turned. As the only human living surrounded by vampires, he craves being like everyone else but so far at the age of twenty-three his desires are unfulfilled. Ari is always available for his brothers, which is what he considers Lane, Cain, Gage and Preston and since he is the only one able to function in daylight, he runs errands the others are unable too. It was one errand that would again bring major change to his life.

Ari has been asked to buy crab for Lane and Vanessa since the store closes early. Ready to pull into a parking spot another car beats him to it. Exiting the car is a beautiful woman but that doesn’t stop him from letting her know how angry he was. Unfortunately, it gets worse when she manages to be in the same fish store as him and orders the last of the crab, she has managed to make his day difficult.

Fate can be a bitch because her grandfather happens to be an old friend of Lane and Cain’s and once again, he finds himself face to face with the same woman who he suddenly realizes he wants to get to know better. Abella is a hematologist who has been studying how to cure vampires from their inability to walk in the sun, it seems great, great, great, great, who knows how many great’s is a vampire and she wants to give him the gift of sunlight.

So much happens in this book that it would be hard to reveal it all without giving away spoilers. I will say that there are secrets and surprises that were quite unexpected. Does Ari get his dream of being a vampire, does he find the love he has always wanted well this time it will take everyone in the mansion to help make dreams come true. There was even a “Back to the Future” moment.

This is a must-read series for anyone who loves paranormal romance starring vampires.

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