Release Day- REVIEW: Shoulda Swiped Left- K.L. Hiers

Shoulda Swiped Left Book Cover Shoulda Swiped Left
K.L. Hiers
Bi Sexual Romance, LGBTQ Short Read, MM Fantasy Romance
Jan 24, 2024

Joseph Abrams can't believe he's found his perfect match through online dating. Zale Petropoulos is hot, charming, and just the right amount of mysterious.

They meet for their first date and the sparks fly all the way through dinner and right through dessert.

But Zale has a confession to make and finally reveals his secret…

He’s god of the Underworld.

And Joseph is his new prince-consort.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Joseph Abrams is ready to cancel his online dating service since he has experienced an awful lot of misses and no pluses until Zale Petropoulos. Zale was handsome and after their first conversation Joseph had no doubt, he was the one.

Their first date was coffee followed by Zale giving Joseph a very expensive watch then an expensive dinner and it all ended in bed. After an amazing evening Joseph was ready to leave when Zale informed him, he couldn’t leave and that they were married. Joseph is the prince-consort of the Underworld. Joseph’s feelings are now ones of hate and lust, hate for being lied to and lust, well that is self-explanatory.

Every year Zale must find a new bride who will have to find his vessel that disappears on the autumn equinox and must be restored by spring before Joseph is free to leave and he will leave with a great deal of money. Zale has no body until Joseph finds his missing pieces so even if Joseph is lusting after him there is no body to physically enjoy.

Zale is a god and Joseph is enjoying the perks, if he wants something it just appears out of thin air, if he needs something it is immediately brought to him so although he is still angry with Zale who Joseph now knows is called Hades, he misses what could have been because he had finally found someone he wanted a future with.

The search is on for Zale’s missing parts and Joseph manages to find the one piece that everyone in the past had trouble finding, his heart, it was a successful find but would have been much better if he hadn’t dropped it on the floor. While Joseph is completing his mission, he begins to question whether he wants to leave when all of Zale’s parts are found.

This was a very interesting novella, the god of the Underworld a mortal man who finally found the man of his dreams only to have it come crashing down on him. A trip through the Underworld was quite interesting, well interesting to read about, but I wouldn’t want to visit.

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