Release Day- REVIEW: Sugar and Spice Kisses- PM Book #2- BL Maxwell

Sugar and Spice Kisses Book Cover Sugar and Spice Kisses
PM Book #2
BL Maxwell
Valentine, Novella, Gay Romance, Historical Romance
Jan 25, 2024

Randy Miller is living his dream come true. His cookie business has taken off since he started it just before Christmas, and he’s in love. He never thought he’d find the love he’d always dreamed of with someone he’d known his whole life, and who he’d always thought of as competition.
Eli Canton is happier than he’s ever been. He’s living with Randy, the love of his life. They spend their nights getting to know each other better, and baking when they’re not distracted by each other. He’s proud to know Randy’s business is as successful as it is, and he’s more than willing to help him make it even better.
When Valentine’s Day rolls around, both Randy and Eli want to surprise each other. They’ve only been together a few months, but neither can imagine loving someone else the way they love each other. If they can both pull off their plans, Valentine’s Day could be even more exciting than Christmas was, and definitely full of more surprises. #friends to lovers #Gay Romance #Holiday Romance

Review by Xanthe
Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Randy and Eli are back in Sugar and Spice Kisses after first coming together in Peppermint Mocha Kisses.

We’re now a year on from when the last book finished and coming upon Valentine’s day, a very important day for cookie makers, especially in this small town that absolutely loves, and seems to live on, Randy’s cookies. Randy and Eli are clearly even more in love with each other than ever and want to show that with their Valentine’s gift.

This is a short and sweet novella that has you feeling the freezing temperatures of northern USA in February but also the heat that Randy and Eli generate between them. I love the support and energy that Eli constantly gives to Randy, it seems like a never ending supply of both. Randy appears to have overcome his doubts about making it as a baker and now wants to ensure Eli knows his worth.

It’s another heart-warming story from B.L. Maxwell and a perfect romantic read, especially with Valentine’s Day not that far away.

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