RELEASE DAY REVIEW: The Demon’s Fire -The Blood Coven Series Book #2- T.M Smith

The Demon's Fire Book Cover The Demon's Fire
The Blood Coven Series Book #2
T.M Smith
Paranormal, Demons & Devils, Fantasy Romance, Futuristic Romance
Evernight Publishing
May 6, 2023

He’s not her type at all…

He’s a barbarian. Despite his sexy smile and hot body, nothing can smooth the brutish man’s ragged edges. Besides, demons need a daily dose of sex to live. Skyler Maxwell has no intention of becoming his food source.

She’s not his type at all…

She’s a buttoned-up, prissy human with frost in her veins. But Kole is stuck playing tour guide for the chief legal officer while she’s on Scath as a representative of the Alliance. He was told to “play nice.”

They are fire and ice…

With a bullseye on Skyler’s back, Kole is her best chance to stay alive. Trapped in a hostile environment, they survive mystical monsters and treacherous attacks. Despite the perils and their differences, their romance ignites, proving fire and ice are perfect together.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Skylar Maxwell is the youngest Chief Legal Officer of the Alliance Security Agency. She is also as cold as ice and the only thing that is important to her is her career. When she is pushed off the subway platform and when one of her people is killed, she dismisses it as unfortunately occurrences, they are unfortunate but before long she would discover what they really meant.

In addition to the death of one of her staff and the fact that she almost died when she landed on the subway tracks a mysterious group is threatening the Alliance secrecy. Emails revealing the Alliance’s darkest secrets, the existence of paranormals, demons, satyrs, vampires and more will be sent to the public causing fear and chaos. With everything going on Skylar has decided to visit Scath following the same route that her father, the previous Chief Legal Officer, took.

Kole an Animus Demon and the Commander of the Firebrands has been assigned to be Skylar’s escort. Angry but following orders he meets Skylar and assumes his role as tour guide. The meeting is met with sarcasm and coldness, Skylar never lets her guard down and always maintains a business-like attitude and dress code. Despite Kole’s warnings about keeping her mouth shut and wearing proper clothes while visiting various sites on Scath his warnings fall on deaf, stubborn ears.

Skylar manages to get into trouble, she comes close to being mated to a Yeti, she finds herself traipsing through mud and rocks wearing her high heeled shoes, but the worst occurs when she decides to visit Darque the place only the most dangerous creatures reside. Every creature believed to be fantasy resides in this dark, scary place and death is around every corner. All forms of communication have stopped working and without help or a way-out Kole is on his own protecting Skylar. As Skylar and Kole find themselves facing one enemy after another, they begin to face the inevitable, they care about each other, the icy woman and the barbaric demon are finding themselves fighting feelings they refuse to acknowledge.

If you have read book one in this series, and hopefully you have then you know all about the search for the descendants of the Blood Coven. The Alliance is hoping to find these descendants before the enemy does and that enemy is Cerberus with the assistance of a very, very rich man looking to avenge the death of his daughter. These two enemies are working together but with two different goals in mind.

Skylar and Kole discover that they have a connection, but it is not a pleasant one. The descendants of the Blood Coven need to be found and protected but it is a slow process requiring blood tests and getting to the descendant before the enemy.

Secrets, betrayals, violence, sex and an on-going quest for the Blood Coven descendants. This book was non-stop suspense and once I picked it up and I couldn’t put it down. I can’t recommend this series highly enough for anyone who loves a good paranormal story. There is no cliffhanger but just the knowledge that there is more coming and that the good guys and bad guys will once again be at war with each other.

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