REVIEW: A Girl and Her Dog: A Short Story- Sherry Perkins

A Girl and Her Dog: A Short Story Book Cover A Girl and Her Dog: A Short Story
Sherry Perkins
Science Fiction, Short Story
Independently Published
August 29, 2018

Taken from the arms of her mother, a girl is raised by a family so alien to her that she hardly knows how to describe them. Nor is she able to describe the longing she has to return home, to see again the mother she misses so desperately. When she is given the chance some twenty years later to do just that, she takes it, beginning a journey of unexpected joy and sadness. Her companion is her faithful dog, and someone with a surprising connection to her past. Together they learn that family is what you make it, and that love is more than a human emotion.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

At the age of four or five Chrissie Parker was pulled out of her mother’s arms and taken away and even the police officer at the scene could do nothing to stop it.


Given a new name, Pannie and growing up in an environment totally different from the one she was born in, she was married to a man named Jaymes and after twenty years she asked him if he would let her return home to her mother, the woman she never forgot and missed terribly. Since weakness was not acceptable in this strange society the only way for Jaymes to give her her freedom was to be rough with her while having sex so she would scream out which would justify his need to banish her for being weak. Although he had never been rough before he had to do so in order to allow her to return home which was a very caring act on his part.


It was a long journey home and with her dog beside her she finds herself stuck in a snowstorm freezing until a stranger she immediately recognizes saves her. Geoffrey Stewart was the policeman who tried and failed to save her as a child can he make up for it now some twenty years later.


Chrissie’s kidnapping changed many lives, the officer who couldn’t save her and lived with survivors guilt, Chrissie herself and her mother who never forgot her child. I have to admit that this was a very strange story, a story of starting over and finding yourself and yet it was a story I couldn’t put down until the end. Sometimes strange is exactly what we need and it kept my interest from beginning to end.

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