REVIEW: Deadly Reflections: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: FAMILY SECRETS Book 4 – Regan Black

Deadly Reflections Book Cover Deadly Reflections
Regan Black
Romantic Suspense
Independently Published
December 23, 2020

One family's long-buried secrets could be the key to solving a shocking murder...

With the holiday season in full swing, Paige Coker is planning a surprise party for her father's retirement when she finds troubling documents that indicate she might not be his daughter at all.

Her search for answers is derailed when the event caterer is killed and she becomes the prime suspect. Her alibi is weak, and the police have surveillance footage of a woman at the scene - a woman who looks exactly like Paige. Desperate to clear her name, she reluctantly agrees to cooperate with the private investigator hired by her father.

As a Guardian Agency protector, Carter Oakes has worked his share of sensitive cases. Upon meeting Paige, it's obvious she's hiding something and distressed over far more than the death of the caterer. Earning her trust is a slow process, one that's thrown into overdrive when someone tries to kill her.

With her life hanging in the balance, Paige and Carter must unravel the impossible mystery of these DEADLY REFLECTIONS.


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Paige Coker is in the middle of planning a surprise retirement party for her father taking the pressure off her mother who has a history of depression so her family does everything then can to keep her stress free.


Paige grew up wealthy but all her life choices revolved around her doing what she felt would be best for her mother not for herself. Now a happy occasion turns out to be anything but, a murder, Paige accused of being the killer and discovering pictures that make her doubt her paternity. Could she have been adopted and never told, could her father have cheated on her mother and why is there a video of her next to her dead friend when she knows she wasn’t there. Are there more secrets she doesn’t know about, could she have a sister or is someone dressing up to look like her.


Carter Oakes from the Guardian Agency is sent as her protector since it is very possible that her life could be in danger from the real killer and most definitely if she isn’t proved innocent of murder. Carter was found by the agency and given a chance at a new life after an incident when he was a lifeguard, an incident totally out of his control that destroyed him in the eyes of the public. Now he will do everything in his power to protect the woman he is assigned to and for more reasons than just his job.


The search for the killer and the search for answers as to her paternity bring Carter and Paige close and the surprises about who she really is just keep mounting. This was a truly great story that I read in one sitting. The characters were wonderful and it never got boring.

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