REVIEW : A Horse by Any Other Name – A Doctor Butterbaugh Mystery – Sherry Perkins

A Horse by Any Other Name Book Cover A Horse by Any Other Name
A Doctor Butterbaugh Mystery
Sherry Perkins
Cozy Mystery, Women's Fiction, Animal Mystery, Amateur Sleuths
Feb 12, 2019

Like everyone else, Dr. Beth Ann Butterbaugh, DVM, loves a good mystery; however, she hardly expected to stumble into the middle of one. Except that is exactly what happened on a crisp autumn day when she receives an urgent call to attend to an injured horse found wandering by the roadside. With the help of the newly appointed sheriff -- a former big city detective -- they discover a connection between the injured horse and two seemingly unrelated murders in the small seaside and farming community where they live. Surprising discoveries will be made during the course of the investigation and lives will be changed in quite unexpected ways. But can Beth Ann and the sheriff prevent another murder once the motivation becomes apparent?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Dr. Beth Butterbaugh, the local veterinarian, was called by two boys who found a horse hurt and
needing her help. When she arrived, the horse was in bad shape but thanks to the two boys' quick
action Beth was able to help treat his injuries. Wondering where the horse came from, she decided to
follow his trail but never expected what an injured horse and following its trail would lead to. Beth came
upon a dead body and while looking around she found herself being questioned by the new sheriff, Ben

Since time is of the essence Ben allows Beth to do a preliminary exam of the dead woman which only
ignites her curiosity and determination to find answers. The dead woman is Evelyn LeBreaux a teacher
and she is well liked so who would want her dead. Despite Ben’s insistence that she stay out of it
she can’t help herself. She thinks she is so cool when she just casually asks questions, but Ben is not
happy. So many of the people who could be involved in the crime have pets she treats so where is the
harm in making inquiries.

She discovers that the LeBreaux’s had no biological children but did foster many kids in need of a home
and one of those kids, Sam, becomes someone of interest. Also, Bob Johnson, the owner of the horse, is
an old friend of Beth’s so of course she can’t help but stick her nose where it doesn’t belong. She is
worried about the horse whose name happens to be Big Dog who has formed a bond with Beth and
every time he manages to get free of his pen, he finds her even at the grocery store. Something is
troubling this beautiful horse and Beth talks to him even though she knows he won’t answer.
Another murder and another excuse for Beth to investigate. There was a murder in a nearby town due
to drugs and now there is a suspicion that all three deaths are related. Ben finally gives in a little where
Beth is concerned but he can’t help worrying that her meddling could put her life in danger. With
everything that is going on the new sheriff and the local veterinarian begin to become attracted to each
other, but Ben was right because someone decides that Beth needs a warning, one she won’t be able to

Dog is persistent and is constantly finding Beth, at work, at the supermarket and in her backyard,
somehow, he is part of what is going on and Beth is very worried about him. There is much more than
just murder going on in town, drugs a chop shop and things begin to point to people that Beth knows.

Such a wonderful story, a story that takes us step by step through the investigation learning new things
along the way. Beth and Ben are wonderful and lest I forget Dog was wonderful too. I truly hope there
are more adventures to come because Beth and Ben are a hell of a team.

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