Review: Between Heaven and Hell – Rebecca Lorens

Between Heaven and Hell Book Cover Between Heaven and Hell
Child of Light and Fire Book 1
Rebecca Lorens
Fantasy Romance
January 1, 2019

Raith is a demon-hunter sent to watch over his boss's granddaughter. Sensing something different about her Raith starts to question his abilities, and his assignment to protect another human. Could he really be charged with keeping her safe, when it all went tragically wrong the first time.
Never having a father in her life, Seraphine learned at a young age she doesn't need a man to complete her. Carefree and living each day as it happens, she's a big believer in never being tied down. But when her guardian angel shows up and she finds herself in more trouble than she can handle, can she get by without him? Or does she need someone to watch over and protect her after all.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Rathaniel (Raith) is a demon-hunter and has been one for three hundred years, he is so good at his job that his boss Gabriel assigns him a new mission a mission that Raith is not happy about but Gabriel promised it could lead to a promotion. As one of the lowest order of angels the only way Raith could go was down, way down and the possibility of a promotion is what gets him to agree. He is allowed to watch the woman he is to protect but not interact with her but let’s just say that direction does not go as planned.

Seraphine (Sera) like her mother has powers, her mother has the power to heal and she has the power to summon fire but the one thing she has missed her entire life is having a father. When Sera finds herself in trouble, which happens to her a lot Raith has no choice but to come to her rescue and there is an immediate connection between the two of them. He knows that it is forbidden for him to be with a woman but then again Gabriel himself had sinned when he impregnated a woman and had a child with her. That child had a child and she is Seraphine, Gabriel’s granddaughter.

Raith finally insists that Gabriel tell him what is going on and why Sera needs a protector and when he gets his answer it is not what he expected. Sera has not learned about her full powers yet but there is no doubt that she is going to be extremely powerful, so powerful that letting her live is out of the question. Her main threat is Balthazar the Demon King but why he wants her is not only for her power but for something else, something I will not reveal in this review.

Unable to keep his feelings hidden Raith and Sera finally get together but they are both about to learn why her father was never around, who he is and why Balthazar is really going after her. What they learn was quite a surprise to me, in fact when I found out I stopped reading for a few minutes to absorb what I just read. And it is another thing that I will let you find out for yourself.

I loved this book it was full of surprises, secrets, demons and romance. I will reveal that there is more coming because of a prophecy, a prophecy that could cleanse the earth of evil, you are right I am not telling what that is either. I will recommend reading this book because it has everything you could want in it and then some.


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