REVIEW : Bitten By Betrayal- Bitten Book #3- Lizzy Gayle

Bitten By Betrayal Book Cover Bitten By Betrayal
Bitten Book #3
Lizzy Gayle
Psychic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance
October 26, 2023

Dr. Charlotte Devaux’s former lab assistant turned vampire has been accused of murder and while waiting impatiently for access to the crime scene, Char’s psychic abilities have revealed an insidious project inside the very organization she works for—SHADE, the Supernatural Handling Agency’s Department of Equity. At least her sex life is healthy, even if she’s not ready to return the handsome vampire Julian’s declarations of love.

Working with Julian and their friends, she beings to unveil a twisted plot with ties all the way to the top of SHADE. But just as they seem to be getting somewhere, Julian leaves her and his position as her boss, throwing her off her game completely. He wasn’t the first man in her life to abandon her, and the fact that he knew hurts worst of all.

What could frighten a vampire enough to send him fleeing from the love of his immortal life? If Char can’t own her feelings and uncover the answer quickly, it might be too late to save herself, Julian, and everyone else she cares about.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Dr. Charlotte Devaux has finally attempted to get some R&R after her assistant Lydia was attacked and turned into a vampire and is now in prison for murdering the Vampire Sect Leader. She and her sister Zoe are on the beach when Char discovers a child’s toy in the water. With her psychic ability she sees what happened to the small boy, he is being taken by force screaming about the babies. Now her attempt at R&R has turned into another mystery she can’t ignore, especially children.

As she begins investigating what happened to the kids, if they are still alive, if this happened in the past or present, she begins to uncover secrets that turn her life upside down. With Julian and Sam’s help they search SHADE headquarters. Sam is livid that he was unaware of these children and what harm is happening to them. There is no doubt that they are being used as guinea pigs especially when they discover that one of the doctors is impregnating women and harvesting the fetuses to create and booster psychic powers.

Unfortunately, their search only produces one child, an eight-year-old girl named Em. Em informs them that all the others were taken to another location, and she has no idea where. She requires protection and Char’s mom and sister ward their home. The focus now is on finding where the children are being held and saving them.

Char’s investigation must stop because there are other problems that must be dealt with so despite her unwillingness to let others do the job, she has no choice. Sent on a mission to save a psychic in trouble proves to be a trap, a trap that puts Char in a cage with a hungry vampire who turns out to be Julian. His love for Char stops him from doing what he was expected to do, drain her.

Julian was a double agent for SHADE working on taking down MorningStar, but he was exposed now it will take everything he and Char have to escape. This is a non-stop suspense thriller putting Julian and Char front and center with unexpected enemies. Char’s father makes an appearance, he has not contacted the family since he was turned but now, he is back and working on some experiment that could put Char’s life on the line.

Silas is the new Vampire Sect Leader and Julian’s sire, as his sire he is unable to refuse anything that is asked of him and that puts a bullseye on Char’s back. Char is Julian’s fated mate and each time she dies she is reincarnated; her last death was suicide and Julian was the one responsible. He understands if Silas orders her captured or killed, he will do what he is asked.

One crisis after another puts Julian and Char’s relationship in a world of trouble but will evil or good come out on top. If you haven’t read the first two books in the series than I highly recommend doing so, sex, violence, suspense, lies, betrayal, magic and surprises, everything I want in a book and I am sure it will satisfy anyone who wants to enter the world of Julian and Dr. Charlotte Devaux for a non-stop adventure.

I can’t wait for book four although it is not what I would refer to as a cliffhanger, it still leaves you anxious to find out more.

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