REVIEW: Catsitter’s Conundrum: Wyrdwood Catsitter Mysteries Book#1- Angel Leigh McCoy

Catsitter's Conundrum Book Cover Catsitter's Conundrum
Wyrdwood - Catsitter Mysteries Book#1
Angel Leigh McCoy
Cozy Mystery, Amateur Sleuths, Cozy Animal Mystery
Wily Writers
Dec 21, 2022


Diana is the daughter, a tech geek married to a grifter in prison for perpetuating a Ponzi scheme. With her assets frozen by the FBI, Diana has had to move back in with her mother, Kitty, and is trying not to let depression overwhelm her. As she job-hunts, her mom's latest obsession is just the distraction she needs.

Kitty is the mom, a cat whisperer, and a keen observer. Saddled with debt, she has taken up catsitting to pay her mortgage. When the house next to where she’s catsitting burns down, and a boy goes missing, Kitty decides to get him back or die trying.

Muse is the cat. The king of cats in exile, to be exact. Literally. This rascally tuxedo follows Kitty around and offers keen observations on the people, places, and hijinks they encounter. He thinks he's being helpful.

Wyrdwood is the weirdly magickal town on the Oregon Coast. It provides refuge for the descendants of mythic races. Normals coexist side-by-side with modern-day elves, witches, orcs, and etcetera in a volatile melting pot. The residents are just living their lives, falling in love, and trying to make a buck. And, of course, engaging in mischief.

With insight into cat minds and red herrings galore, THE CATSITTER’S CONUNDRUM is a mystery that will keep you guessing all the way to the end.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This was a fun book about a mother, Kitty Kats, her daughter Diana Kats and the King of Cats in exile Muse. Diana had to move back with her mom when her husband Kyle Butts was arrested for bilking seniors out of their money with a Ponzi scheme leaving her without a job, a house or money. Due to her husband’s incarceration and reputation Diana has been unable to find a job. Her husband’s crime left her with nothing, but she is determined to rebuild. One thing she is thankful for is that she never hyphenated her last name to Kats-Butts.

Kitty’s husband died but she never realized that as the keeper of the bills he had put them in debt. Now she faces foreclosure which would mean her, and Diana, would be homeless. While Diana searches for a job Kitty has taken on the job of catsitting, certainly not enough to pay their past due bills and mortgage but enough to at least survive for a while.

She is presently catsitting for a neighbor’s cat, Greta, who although small has a defensive attitude. Just getting to the food bowl is a battle. Then trouble comes calling when another neighbor, the Ortiz’s home burns to the ground and that is when The King of Cats in exile Muse comes calling. Muse was living with the Ortiz family, mom, dad and eight-year-old son but they changed his name to Ralph and that was reason enough to relocate.

Muse relocated to Kitty’s house where he was fed, had a comfybed and grew to love her. After the fire was put out it led to the belief it was arson, but no bodies were found. The only body missing is the eight-year-old son but where is he, was he kidnapped, was he hurt and can’t call out for help, questions but no answers.

Diana finally finds a job working on the computers in the sheriff’s office while Kitty is busy investigating what happened to the Ortiz boy. When the parent’s put up a reward of $10,000, a sum of money that could save Kitty’s home all her attention is focused on finding the kidnapped child especially after a ransom note is delivered.

Muse is also investigating, determined to protect Kitty from those who would harm her. The kidnapper’s deliver the ransom note to the house Kitty is catsitting in and she finds herself torn between keeping it a secret to help her earn the reward or telling all to save a little boy who no one likes. Of course, doing the right thing comes first but she still has her fingers crossed that the $10,000 would be hers and save her and Diana from homelessness.

This was a book that was funny thanks in huge part to Muse and scary at times with a kidnapper on the loose and Kitty and Diana becoming more and more involved. Secrets, surprises and an ending I never even considered. When I am lucky enough to read a book where the criminal evades me till the end I consider the book a win-win.

Now I am lucky enough to have book two to delve into with the same three amazing characters and after I put my name to this review, I will be starting book two.

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