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Dead Things Book Cover Dead Things
Spirit Boys Series Book #1
BL Maxwell
Ghost Suspense, LGBTQ Fantasy, Gay Romance
March 14, 2024

Since Bran Tanda started working at the morgue, his life has changed. He’s spent most of his life denying his necromancer abilities, but now he knows there’s no other choice but to embrace it and learn as much as he can about it. No matter how much he hates it.

Jordan Amid is becoming more comfortable being around the dead. But they still overwhelm him and terrify him. The coldness and the heavy emotions he associates with being near a spirit are nearly too much for him to take. But for Bran, he’ll try.

Bran and Jordan soon realize there is more going on than they understand, and even Janis isn’t sure how to handle what she knows is coming for them. Mysterious markings continue to appear and unless they can learn more from the journals Bran finds at his house, there may be no hope for anyone.

Review By Ulysses Dietz
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Bran Tanta and Jordan Aman work together at the Sacramento morgue, where Bran is the Medical Examiner. Both of these young men have magical talent—a gift for ghosts. Neither of them wants to deal with those talents, even if they have to acknowledge them, but it makes them ideal for their jobs.

Then things start to go sideways, when the spirit of a corpse fished out of a local river warns them that something big and bad is about to happen if they don’t do something about it. The dead woman can’t finger her murderer, but Bran has a terrible feeling it involves his mother, a powerful witch who wants only more power.

And thus a small community of “ghost busters” gets dragged into a terrifying and fast-moving fight to save the world. Bran and Jordan find that they have to embrace the skills they’ve denied all along in order to defeat a cruel and ruthless witch—and also come to realize that their spirit-related skills are not all that draws them to each other.

This is the first of a promised series, and is a good set-up for the characters, who will surely go on to even bigger and scarier things as they find their strengths and face new challenges. I’m also hoping that we get to know some of their friends—who play key roles in—a little better.

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