Review: Daemon Reckoning – Mariah Ankenman

Daemon Reckoning Book Cover Daemon Reckoning
Daemon #3
Mariah Ankenman
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
April 9, 2018

Hidden in the shadows of our world, supernatural creatures wage war for the fate of humanity.

Euadaemons protect the innocent, Kakodaemons desire absolute power. Both have altered Krista Culver’s life. After spending the past ten years as a Drone for evil, she’s finally awake and doesn't want to waste another moment. No one will stand in the way of her kicking Kako butt. Not her sister, not her father, not even her incredibly tempting boss.

Racine is about to go mad trying to find his evil twin brother responsible for the Kako uprising, but Rysis is in the wind. Adding to his problems, Krista returned from Enforcer training. Gone is the sweet girl. In her place is a fierce woman who stirs something deep inside. Something he thought long dead and buried.

As their desires grow so does the danger surrounding them. The Kako threat is mounting and the time for a reckoning has come.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

After spending ten years in a coma as a drone for a Kako Krista Culver is determined to live her life and she wants to be an Enforcer for the Council in Region 7 like her sister Tabitha. In spite of what her sister, father and even her boss Racine think she is not a fragile flower but she is also not human or a supernatural. After she woke she got the strength of the Kako who was controlling her she now considers herself a freak and has no idea what she really is capable of.

Two years in training and now she is back ready to fight evil but first she has to convince Racine and Tabitha that she is more than ready. Some of the Enforcers whisper behind her back that she is a freak and fear her and the ones that matter think she is fragile.In spite of showing time and again in the gym she is strong, even beating her sister and her Tira, Racine refuses to put her in the field.

Racine is still feeling the guilt of not saving Krista and his feelings for her are more than just being her boss he is worried that something will happen to her. Two years ago Racine learned that his twin brother Rysis who he believed was dead is the leader of the Kakodaemons and now the High Master teaching the Kakos how to make drones out of human souls. This in addition to his belief he failed Krista weighs heavy on him and he is determined to kill his brother and leave no doubt that he is dead. Like his brother Racine is a Euadaemon but unlike his brother he fights evil and wants to save the innocent.

Krista is a strong minded girl determined to prove her strength and since noone is willing to put her in the field she decides to disregard Racine’s orders and follows them on a mission. She actually manages to help the team and Racine but that doesn’t stop him from going ballistic because she disobeyed orders. She thinks it is because he doesn’t trust her but it is because he can’t face the idea of losing her.

The relationship between Krista and Racine grows and so does the army that Rysis is building. If Rysis is not stopped humanity doesn’t stand a chance.

This is the third book in the series and they don’t really have to be read in order since I messed up and read this book before book two. Having said that I would strongly recommend reading them in order because each story is amazing and full of suspense, amazing characters and sex.

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