Review: Dallas – Regan Black

Dallas Book Cover Dallas
Brotherhood Protectors World (The Guardian Agency)
Regan Black
Military Suspense Romance
Twisted Page Press LLC
June 11, 2019

Running for her life...

When a typical day at her cafe in Eagle Rock was interrupted by a young woman desperate to escape her captors, Marnie Kemper gladly intervened. She also gladly agreed to testify against the men involved. Now, days before the start of the trial, her security detail is killed and she's alone, terrified, and unsure who to trust.

A stunning stranger is her only hope.

Dallas Winston's Army career ended abruptly when he and his K9 partner were shot during a drug bust. Thankfully, the Guardian Agency gave him a second chance at a meaningful career. When he gets the order to rescue a witness and salvage a high-profile case, he follows procedure and rushes in.

Soon it's clear that standard tactics won't be enough to keep Marnie alive. Forced to get creative, Dallas must lower his defenses to earn Marnie's trust as they navigate a deadly web of corruption.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Regan Black, began her writing career writing UF and Paranormal stories around 2008/2009. Her talent has grown and grown and as I follow her path I think I have read everything she has ever written…. In the last few years she has intensified her work to Suspense and Military Romance …Her Unknown Identities series crossed over to Brotherhood Protectors.

Now Ms Black has taken Brotherhood Protectors World and crossed over to Elle James Series blending Guardian Agency and Brotherhood Protectors. Dallas is #4.

These stories are written in crisp, clean writing which is her style. Usually stories are written in two pov’s . The reader is always aware of the two main characters feelings. In this newest, we meet Marnie Kemper owner of the Eagle Rock Café being hunted by a hired killer after the attempt on her life outside the Court House killed her security man.

In the area is Dallas Winston, ex military who was injured on his last mission and his k-9 partner killed. He was able to take job with the Guardian Agency! The call to him told him Marnie had bolted from the courthouse and needed to be found and protected as she was a witness to a trafficking ring.

The story had some twists and turns, lots of intrigue and that they had hot smoking chemistry doesn’t hurt. Like a potato chip, I double dare you to try just one!



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