Review: Take the Edge Off – TA Moore

Take the Edge Off Book Cover Take the Edge Off
TA Moore
Gay Romance
Dreamspinner Press
June 11, 2019

You don’t end up an ex-car thief and ex-con because you’re good at resisting temptation… and Cal Tate’s rich new boss is very tempting.

Cal has always been the bad boy who lovers don’t bring home to Mom, but now he’d like someone other than a debt collector waiting for him. He has a legit job as a driver with his brother’s company, and he’s got a doctor on the hook, but he still can’t help crawling into bed with Joseph Bailey.

Joe has never met anyone as easy in their own skin as his new driver—or as ridiculously beautiful. He’s in London to downsize the family business… and to investigate the abusive emails that imply a dark secret around his mother’s death. But unpicking the lies he’s been told makes Joe realize he isn’t sure who he is without them.

When his life falls apart, the only person he can be himself with is Cal. But with the escalating threats from his anonymous stalker, Joe doesn’t know if there’s any chance for a happy future for him and Cal.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I have recently found T A Moore and I couldn’t be happier! This newest only makes me know I chose wisely! Again Ms. Moore has built a world and such wonderful characters in her newest Take the Edge Off.

Joseph Bailey is in London to downsize his family business and requires a driver. Enter Cal Tate. This is not a rich boy and poor boy tale as our author gives both men substance, and a good storyline….The fire between them is just the icing on the cake.

Cal Tate has been a bad boy all his life…He has skirted his way thru life thumbing his nose at the law with stealing fast cars and living the life until his best friend gave him up and he was jailed. His brother has given him a legitimate job, his last chance, as a driver for the company he owns.

Cal and Joe are exact opposites but that doesn’t stop the red hot appeal between them.

Nothing in this story feels rushed, and now the extra mystery that Joe’s life evokes gives us an edgier story. Thank you Ms Moore!

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