Review: Death By C*ck – Susan Mac Nicol

Death By C*ck Book Cover Death By C*ck
Fetish Alley Book 2
Susan Mac Nicol
M/M Mystery Romance
Boroughs Publishing Group
June 6, 2019


Somehow, after solving one particularly squirrelly case, Clay Mortimer and Tate Williams of M&W Investigations have been deemed experts in all things Fetish Alley. Tate’s taken an undercover assignment for the London police, and solves it with his usual flair. When a brutal and particularly sensitive murder send the shop owners and patrons of Fetish Alley up in arms, once again the police department calls upon Tate and Clay to take the lead in solving the grisly crime. Meanwhile their lives are being redefined in ways neither of them expected, and even though change can be scary, these brave men make certain that love guides them on every road they travel.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Ohhh Susan….It’s like a home coming! If the reader begins reading Fetish Alley and are new to Ms. Mac Nicol I envy you…There is a whole world this author has created with her Men of London Series and if you have a month or so to dive in you can begin learning the back stories of the beautiful men highlighted in Fetish Alley. Clay Mortimer and Tate Williams have quite a past and now that you have met them you might want to check out Book #4 in that series!!!

Another murder in the Alley has everyone shaken as Clay and Tate are commissioned by the police to be the middle men in the investigations. The shop owners in the alley are not apt to open up to the police as they would to friends of friends….The grisly murder at the Taxidermy shop has people upset with its sensitive sexual implication of how the body was stuffed.

While Clay and Tate explore the murder, it is even more enticing to read their exploration of each other. Ms Mac Nicol can sizzle those pages in that area….Let me tell you!!

I also love seeing other guys from the old series; now in this second book we get to visit with Taylor and Draven. Taylor has some serious psychic abilities and is asked to aid them in the murder inquiry… Aurelio and Tomas will be fun to read as well….

Clay and Tate’s relationship has grown as new wonderful decisions made…. Murder solved, Can’t wait for Book #3

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