REVIEW : Dark Waves- Mind Hackers Series- Novella- Amanda Uhl

Dark Waves Book Cover Dark Waves
Mind Hackers Series- Novella
Amanda Uhl
Psychic Romance, Ya and Teen, Young Adult, Short Read
Amanda Uhl LLC
May 21, 2022

A fearless doctor
Paranormal psychiatrist Dr. Audrey Gilbert is not used to failure, especially when it comes to her career. She possesses an uncanny ability to see into her patients’ souls and mend their brokenness. When she misdiagnosis a patient and is fired, she is given a chance to regain her job. Her task? Restore the health of a deranged mind hacker. But safeguarding her heart while convincing the detached and bitter man to trust her, just might be the challenge of a lifetime.

A tormented hacker
Born into a family of powerful psychics, Kevin Jorgensen has always had a quick wit and a sunny disposition. But that was before he nearly lost his life battling a rogue mind hacker. Now he spends his days in isolation, fighting for his sanity. He swears never to use his gift, not even if he’s drawn to the woman determined to help him recover.

A battle for survival
When Audrey and Kevin discover someone has tampered with her mind, they must work together to determine why. Because if they fail, their lives and the lives of many other hackers will be destroyed.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This novella held my attention from the first page until the last. Dr. Audrey Gilbert is a Paranormal Psychiatrist working at the Corvey Institute in Chicago and has the ability to see into her patients’ souls allowing her to mend the damage in their minds. Her record has been perfect, but one misdiagnosis will cost her everything. Her job allows her to pay for her mother’s care and her sister’s schooling but now her one mistake has gotten her fired.

Audrey is offered a chance to redeem herself by accepting an assignment in Marblehead, Ohio, a remote town on Lake Erie. She is required to help Kevin Jorgensen, a class 10 psychic with power to cause her brain damage or death but since Paranormal Psychiatrist are not in much demand getting her job back is imperative.

Kevin is known to be a recluse and an accident a few years ago left him near death and with his brain wiped. according to Audrey’s boss CMU, Cognitive Mind Unit, an elite group of psychics wants him back and it is up to her to help him with his PTSD and the other mental issues he is suffering from. Audrey is surprised by his reaction to her and as they work together, they discover systematic betrayal, lies and uncover secrets from their past.

A short story that is complex and surprising. I didn’t want it to be over but like they say, “all good things must come to an end.”



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