Review: The Demon Deliverance – Victoria Danann

The Demon Deliverance Book Cover The Demon Deliverance
Knights of Black Swan Book 12
Victoria Danann
Paranormal Romance
dba 7th House, Imprint of Andromeda LLC
January 27, 2018


Two and a half centuries ago Sixt had been a young witch withlittle control. In a fit of jealousy, she'd cursed the demon with anaddiction spell. She thought better of it shortly thereafter, butcouldn't find him to take it back. She did something unforgivable, butshe wants forgiveness anyway.

Deliverance had been a slave to sexfor so long he could barely remember life before. When he learnedthe compulsion that was a never ending itch was an addiction hex, hewas elated because hexes can be withdrawn by the witch who casts them.But the euphoria was short lived when he learned the price he'd have topay to have the curse reversed.

Knights of Black Swan has been voted BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES every year for the past four years in a row. Reviewers' Choice Awards, The Paranormal Romance Guild.

"What do you get when a witch, a demon and a green-eyed monster have aquick encounter? Hundreds of years of torment, loneliness anduncertainty..."

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Deliverance, a sex demon, a father, a grandfather and one of my favorite characters in the series. For three hundred years Deliverance has been driven by sex and in that time has had sex at least five times a day so you can figure out how many women he has been with. It was his granddaughter Rosie that figured out that he was cursed and that by finding the witch who placed the curse on him it could be removed.

Rosie is a tracker and it doesn’t take long for her to find Sixt the witch who put the curse on him but when she pops up into Sixt’s apartment she finds that the witch is not willing to just remove the curse without some restrictions, Deliverance must stay with her for one year and a day and when that time is up she will remove the curse. He must be on call when she wants him and has to spend at least four hours a day together with her.

If you have read this series from the beginning than you know all about Rosie, her mother Litha and how they became reunited with Deliverance. You know how important they are to each other and how regretful Deliverance is that he missed out on Litha growing up. He has no intention of missing out on her life now that he has found them.

While following Sixt’s rules Deliverance is planning how to get back at her once the year and a day is over and none of his plans are pleasant. He also makes sure that the time they are spending together is unpleasant for her hoping to force her to end his servitude early.

Sixt’s grew up during the witch hunts when she and her family lived in constant fear. Any wrong move on their part could mean their death. Her parents sent her off to Paris with her brother Hans where she was able to begin a chocolate business, her drive to succeed followed her into the present where she is at the top of her game. She has always regretted cursing Deliverance but she has never been able to find him to take the curse back since she had no knowledge of his name. Now she hopes that over the year and a day she can get him to accept her and forgive her, but she definitely doesn’t know Deliverance very well, she is playing with fire literally since fire is his thing.

Whether or not Sixt is successful in winning Deliverance over, whether he makes it for the year and a day and whether he is free of his curse are things you will have to find out for yourself. I have read every book in this series and loved everyone of them. I can read between two or three books a week sometimes more and it is not often that I remember a series as well as I remember this one. I remember ever character because they are very memorable and I highly recommend reading this series from the beginning. If you are a lover of the BDB series then this one is right up there.



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