Review: Dream Breakers, Oath Takers – Jacqueline Jayne

Dream Breakers, Oath Takers Book Cover Dream Breakers, Oath Takers
Hell Runners Book 2
Jacqueline Jayne
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Hartwood Publishing
January 15, 2019

Zane Gideon is determined to comb all of Hell’s Rings, if he must, to find Wilder Swift. Unfortunately, his employer, the Hell Runners Society, instituted a lockdown on every Soul Saver and all seven of Hell’s Gates.
For more than a hundred years, gifted humans of the uber-elite, ultra-secret Society pledged their lives to rescue lost souls from the First Ring of Hell, but an accident during a covert mission to the Ninth Ring opened a secret door linking Hell to Heaven. Zane witnessed as all the lost souls escaped damnation in one fell swoop, turning the First Ring into an empty, white void. In the process, he lost track of Swift, now MIA for more than two months.
The Society is forced into a risky choice—rescue repentant souls from deeper rings or close its doors. Forever—without finding Swift.
Zane always believed the repentant deserved to be rescued as much as the lost and campaigns for the Society to raise the bar. All he needs to sway the council are two things. One—his guns that shoot holy water-filled bullets. And two—an oracle that can locate the repentant with visions.
But the oracles lost their visions with the closing of the First Ring.
All except one—the cold beauty Zane is hoping to defrost between his sheets.
Protected from the Society by her grandmother, Delphine Claudel never knew her horrific nightmares were actual visions. Her grandmother relents her hold and reveals the truth to Delphine about her gift of sight. With Zane’s help, she asks Delphine to join the Society. Though the cowboy is handsome and persuasive, Delphine declines. The visions drove her mother insane, and she refuses the same fate.
But Zane doesn’t accept her refusal.
Neither does a council member with his own agenda.
To protect Delphine from forced drug-induced visions, Zane invites her to his Montana home. There he offers her a deal—she helps him find Swift, and then her gift will be removed.
She agrees, but being sequestered with the cowboy is dangerous. His intellect, more than his rugged sex appeal, incites changes in the way she approaches life choices. And the way she views this duty-bound man. She succumbs to his passionate kisses, and for the first time, she falls in love.
Located by the Council, they are forced to run and end up confronting the very demon that destroyed Delphine’s mother. Confident in her abilities, Delphine strikes a deal with a demon only to be pitted against the man who stole her heart.
If Zane can manipulate the Lord of the Ninth Ring to withdraw the demon possessing Delphine, he can save her life.
But he might have to sacrifice his life and the future of Hell Runners to do it.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Ever since Zane Gideon went on a covert mission to the forbidden ninth ring breaking dozens of rules and leaving one of them still trapped in Hell his employer the Hell Runners Society put a stop to rescuing lost soles requiring the Hell Runners to enter into deeper rings. Zane is determined to convince the Board that all soles deserve to be rescued even if they have to go into other rings but his request falls on deaf ears.

Because of his disobeying so many rules he is put on guard duty something he is not very happy about, what he doesn’t know is that this assignment would change his life forever. While on guard duty and chasing a small dog who stole his breakfast he finds himself face to face with a woman who catches his eye. Using the dog as an excuse for her to have dinner with him she agrees with the encouragement of her grandmother who comes upon the scene.

Delphine Claudel has moved from New York to Paris to help care for her aging grandmother, although when I read about grandma I hoped to be like her one day, she is a pistol. Delphine has suffered from visions and nightmares most of her life and now she is having visions of a man, a man who keeps yelling “find me”. Is it possible that is Wilder Swift the Hell Runner left behind in Hell? Delphine’s mother lives in a mental institution and refuses to speak to or see her daughter. Her mother suffered from visions that eventually broke her and Delphine is afraid that is the fate she will face.

Spending time with Zane it becomes evident that Delphine is more than she appears and that her visions are strong and could help the Hell Runners, something she adamantly refuses to even consider. Even though Zane and Delphine finally face their feelings for each other it is evident that there is no future, his life is as a Hell Runner and it is something she won’t even consider.

There is so much to this story, demons, betrayals, secrets, lies and quite a few surprises. I don’t want to go into too much and possibly give anything away but this book is well worth your time and money because it is none stop action filled with amazing characters.


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