REVIEW: Echoes of Shadows: ORIGINAL BLOOD VAMPIRE SERIES Book #1- Stuart Land

Echoes of Shadows Book Cover Echoes of Shadows
Stuart Land
Paranormal Vampire Romance, Romantic Fantasy, Vampire Romance
Jan 13, 2024

choes of Shadows: A Tale of Two Women, One Destiny.

Step into the dark and seductive world of the Original Blood vampire series. This epic journey follows Gailene and Zondra, two women brought into the vampire world against their will.

Gailene, driven by anger and a thirst for revenge, embarks on a quest to destroy her creator and any other vampires she encounters as she rises to become a powerful matriarch in 18th-century England and fledgling America. But as she crafts a set of vows that will forever change the vampire world, Gailene also finds herself bound by a love that transcends time. Centuries later, Zondra, a college student, and artist, discovers she's the leader of her grandmother's empire and possesses unparalleled vampire powers, despite never being bitten. As she delves into Gailene's past and uncovers a tragic destiny that connects the two women, Zondra must navigate the dangerous vampire world and rely on the guidance of Gailene’s former love, Jeremiah, to secure the future of the vampire nation.

Echoes of Shadows is the perfect blend of action, romance, and drama that will leave you spellbound. Ideal for fans of bestselling vampire fiction such as "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Vampire Chronicles," this is a must-read for anyone seeking a new, thrilling, and captivating series. It’s a cross between Interview with the Vampire and Game of Thrones.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This book was a WOW keeping my interest from beginning to end. The story of Zondra a human girl adopted and always feeling different. When she turned eighteen her adopted mother gave her a pendant that belonged to her biological mother, and she was to give it to her daughter when she turned eighteen.

It wasn’t until she fell through the ice while ice skating and nearly died that she came face to face with who and what she really is. She has dreams so real that it is as if she is living it, dreams that take her back to 1789 and the life of Gailene, a married woman and her lover, Fenton. It was Jeremiah Travis, a vampire who saved her when she fell through the ice, and it is Jeremiah who knows her history but will only share bits and pieces.

Jeremiah knows that Zandra must unravel her history on her own. She knows she has a connection with Gailene and each time she visits the past she learns more about who she is. It was impossible to put the book down when I was as interested in Zondra’s past as she was.

Gailene loved her husband Kerrick, but she also was passionately in love with his best friend Fenton. When her guilt over betraying her husband got too much for her, she ended it with Fenton sending him away. Fenton received an offer from a marquis to turn him into a vampire for friendship and combat skills, but it could only be done with Fenton’s approval.

Fenton accepted and was gone for four years and on his return Gailene’s passion was hotter for him than ever and she was ready to pick up where they left off. Now though she has a young daughter to consider.

Fenton went against all the rules of turning a human because he lost control and turned Gailene without her consent. When Kerrick walked in a saw what was happened he fought Fenton but didn’t have a chance and died. Upon waking Gailene saw her dead husband and her daughter Elizabeth sitting in his blood. It was at that moment that the love she had for Fenton turned to hate and a desire to kill him.

Zondra witnessed everything and watched as Gailene went out on her own to find and kill the man who destroyed her life. Zondra watched as Gailene searched for Fenton and learned how to survive as a vampire. Zondra learned what her relationship with Gailenewas and she went from nothing to inheriting all Gailene had.

The search for Fenton continues and I can’t wait to continue Gailene and Zondra’s story. The book ends in a cliffhanger but book two is available so no worries. Zondra is not a vampire, but will that change, will finding Fenton fall on her shoulders in present day and what other surprises will be uncovered, can’t wait.

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