NEW RELEASE- REVIEW- What Happens in Hell (Stays in Hell): A Hammer Falls Novel- Tal Frost

What Happens in Hell (Stays in Hell) Book Cover What Happens in Hell (Stays in Hell)
A Hammer Falls Novel
Tal Frost
LGBTQ Fantasy, Gay Erotica, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
April 10, 2024

Please note: this is an add-on novel for The Tree of Life.

When Sam, a mere human with an inconvenient fetish for supernatural guys, is abducted and taken to Hell, he is powerless to resist - powerless to do anything or change anything.

Jin's twenty-five-thousand-year-old father Ashmedai, the Demon of Lust, on the other hand, now has everything he needs. Sam is his ultimate leverage: for immortality, his wings and the long-planned death of his betraying brother, Raphael.

He also has a secret that could cost him everything.

As Ashmedai's enemies close in and Sam discovers a 'swap' for Jin was never on the cards at all, can Sam balance the scales and find his own power, before it's too late?

Demons, tentacles, er0tic k!nk and an MC with ADHD, this 60k gay supernatural fantasy is high heat with themes of consent, power and freedom. It is the fifth book in the Hammer Falls series (Lust & Other Demons, Sons of Heaven & Hell, Control (A Hammer Falls Novella), The Tree of Life, What Happens in Hell (Stays in Hell).

The Hammer Falls series won the Paranormal Romance Guild 2023 Reviewers Choice Award for LGBT Romance Fantasy/Mystery Series.

Review By Ulysses Dietz
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is Sam Gillespie’s story, and wow, what a story. This is the account of what happens to Jin and Marshall’s human boyfriend while on holiday in Hell.

Sam’s a skinny, red-headed ADHD mortal human, I’ve always loved him and felt he was the emotional core of this entire series. His fascination with his non-human friends, his love for complicated and troubled boys like Jin Harding and Marshall Mason, and his endless curiosity all make him utterly compelling.

He’s also a weirdly kinky horndog, entirely self-aware, and doesn’t understand how much his humanity makes him powerful and special. He feels weak and worthless, and therein lies the light that makes this crazy story shine.

When Ashmedai, Jin’s father and an ancient god of lust, kidnaps Sam, seeing him as both a weak link and someone about whom Jin cares deeply, he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into.

The somewhat unexpected feature of this shorter novel is that it is often hilarious. Sam finds himself in a horrific situation—imprisoned in Hell by a sadistic, murderous demon –a demon who’s trying to trigger an apocalypse by using his son’s power. Somehow Sam’s typical (and adorably familiar) reaction is to run at the mouth inappropriately, frustrating and intriguing Ashmedai by turns. Rigid with fear, Sam is also constantly turned on because he’s a hormonal teenager with more than his share of kinky interests.

As you can imagine, the book is very sexual, but as in all Frost’s books, it makes sense, is well written, and feels essential to the admittedly baroque morality of this entire series. As the author says, you can’t try to read this out of context; its an unseen part of the explosive plot of “The Tree of Life.”

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