REVIEW: Echoes of Shadows- Original Blood Vampire Series Book #1- Stuart Land

Echoes of Shadows Book Cover Echoes of Shadows
Original Blood Vampire Series Book #1
Stuart Land
Romantic Fantasy, Vampire Romance, Paranormal Vampire Romance
Jan 13, 2024

Step into the dark and seductive world of the Original Blood vampire series. This epic journey follows Gailene and Zondra, two women brought into the vampire world against their will.

Gailene, driven by anger and a thirst for revenge, embarks on a quest to destroy her creator and any other vampires she encounters as she rises to become a powerful matriarch in 18th-century England and fledgling America. But as she crafts a set of vows that will forever change the vampire world, Gailene also finds herself bound by a love that transcends time. Centuries later, Zondra, a college student, and artist, discovers she's the leader of her grandmother's empire and possesses unparalleled vampire powers, despite never being bitten. As she delves into Gailene's past and uncovers a tragic destiny that connects the two women, Zondra must navigate the dangerous vampire world and rely on the guidance of Gailene’s former love, Jeremiah, to secure the future of the vampire nation.

Echoes of Shadows is the perfect blend of action, romance, and drama that will leave you spellbound. Ideal for fans of bestselling vampire fiction such as "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Vampire Chronicles," this is a must-read for anyone seeking a new, thrilling, and captivating series. It’s a cross between Interview with the Vampire and Game of Thrones.

Review by Gloria Lakritz
Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

It is with great excitement, finding a new series by Stuart Land. I have read other books of his through the years and have adored them. Beginning another new series of his is like a gift from the heavens!

Echoes of Shadows follows the transformation of two women born two hundred years apart as they become vampires, one to build a powerful vampire family, and her great-granddaughter who, though human, must lead the dynasty into the twenty-first century against its creator and those who fear her unique blood will destroy the vampire nation.

Now, after finishing Book #1, I can share with you moments of this breathtaking story and tell you about how this book made me feel. Picking up this book, I must admit it caught me by surprise. As I mentioned, I have read quite a few books written by Stuart Land and I remember how his stories “Slowly pull you in”. This one once again was what I always loved from this author, as I found myself reading thoughts of a 5-year-old girl who has a mark on her hand. The writing of this prologue book #1, told of her explanations of ‘Others’ in her life, has made her parents feel she had a really strong imagination. They do not believe her and as she grows from a baby to a preteen, we see how she doubts, yet accepts her truths.

In the first few chapters, Mr. Land has us follow Zondra’s life to adulthood as she is now in Georgetown, having graduated and registered at the University in DC for her Masters in Art Therapy. She finally meets an ‘Other’ while ice skating. We have certainly been led by the author as Zondra, is being chased across a frozen pond by a vampire, the ice breaks and she is drowning.

Does it end with Death? or not,?,,,,, Zondra? …..Gailene ?

My thoughts are taken quickly into the story: the how, what, and why. This is the basis of our story. At the hospital, she meets Jeremiah, who is not what he seems. Through visions and dreams, we the reader, travel with her as she goes back in time almost 200 years to learn her past and her future. Mr. Land has written a vampire story that envelopes your senses, using time, history, and a love story that defies the ages. His bold take on vampires is so original that one has to read this book, like drinking aged wine, taking small sips a little at a time, to discern its bouquet.

What I first enjoyed–considering myself a modern woman–was seeing a woman from the 1700s become `something,’ as this is unheard of in that era. Seeing Gailene struggle from rags to riches by sheer willpower was stunning.

I also loved the now, as Zondra is a young coed and sculptress, who has been very alone as a girl, with few friends. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and has now been thrust into a new elegant Manor complete with butler. The family that surrounds her is waiting for the clash of her visions to come together, so she may truly know all the secrets they hold. Seemingly, her visions are inspired at no specific time, but through them, the secrets of her grandmother’s past tell her future story. They come closer and closer, so the reader struggles along with Zondra to uncover who she is and where she belongs; ever knowing that one piece of the puzzle is her undeniable love for Jeremiah, and his for her.

Mr. Land’s story is captivating. His writing is forceful, drawing the reader in to be a participant. I felt like I lived every scene, experiencing every event, feeling breathless at the sensual and remarkable love that spans lifetimes… A stellar book, one you should add to your to be read pile, rather, read now! A birdie told me, there are many sequels. One can only hope!

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