Review: Essence Of Absinthe – Tony-Paul de Vissage

Essence Of Absinthe Book Cover Essence Of Absinthe
Tony-Paul de Vissage
Paranormal Romance/Magic
Class Act Books
March 14, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Etienne Vaurien is a man living with many secrets and an enormous amount of guilt.

Etienne is married to Josette a woman many years younger than he and they have three children, twins Dominique and David and the youngest Louis.

Going back in time when a young boy David met Rouge a friendship was born that has lasted for years. Now Rouge is betrothed to David’s sister Dominique (which doesn’t stop him from drinking and bedding any other woman he can). David is the opposite of Rouge and is still a virgin waiting for the right woman to come along. Life for David and Rouge changes drastically when Etienne announces to his family his plans to leave France and go to Nouvelle-Orleans the very place that changed Etienne’s life.

Rouge will also be travelling to America where he will wed Dominique. David is not the only one upset about the move, his mother is not happy but Etienne is the one that makes the rules and they are the ones that will follow. Etienne is worried about the unrest in Paris and wants his family gone before things explode. His one hope is that no one will remember him and his first son Absinthe but Absinthe was not a man easily forgotten.

David was named for his older brother who he knows very little about He did learn that he was called Absinthe and David decided to use that name but only in front of Rouge. Etienne could never have imagined in his wildest dreams what danger his son would face when returning to Louisiana.

Absinthe was a man born to nobility but raised in a whore house where he serviced men and the owner Genevieve. Absinthe was saved from that when his father learned about him and returned with him to France. Absinthe is now dead and when David was born he was named for him.

Things are not that bad when David sees the plantation house where they will live but everything will change when he accompanies his friend Rouge to the White Swallow whore house. It was there that Absinthe was raised, it was there that Etienne found him and it was there that Genevieve the owner now sat dreaming of her Absinthe returning to her. She studies voodoo and Obeah and when she sees David she is convinced that she can bring her lover back from the dead using magic.

So many secrets, so many surprises and so much sadness. David is no match for Genevieve’s magic but sometimes magic can go wrong. David learns that in addition to knowing almost nothing about his brother he also learned that so much of what he believed about his own life turned out to be lies.

I loved the first book “Absinthe” and when I found out there was a follow up book coming I couldn’t wait to get it. I loved everything about this book except that it came to an end. I recommend reading Absinthe and then the Essence of Absinthe and if you are like me you certainly will not be sorry.

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