Review: Eyes Only for You – Andrew Grey

Eyes Only for You Book Cover Eyes Only for You
Eyes of Love Book 2
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
October 10, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Marcello Bagnini meets his friends, Ronnie, Clay and Jerry Foland, at the gym where they all work out together. If you read book one, than you know all about Ronnie and Clay, and it is nice to catch up to them again and see how they are doing.

Marcello has found himself getting more and more attracted to Jerry, a relationship that will only bring heartache, since Jerry is not gay. Marcello has no idea that Jerry has also been finding himself thinking about Marcello more and more and can’t understand why since he has always been attracted to women. Now a gay man and a straight man are both lusting after each other and neither of them know about it. Marcello had been married to a man who claimed he was bi-sexual and after a year of marriage his husband divorced him to marry a woman and live a normal life, so Marcello is afraid that even if Jerry showed interest in him it would once again lead to him having a broken heart.

Marcello’s parents know he is gay, but keep trying to introduce him to women hoping that his gayness is just a passing fancy. When he is with them there is never mention of his sexuality as if not talking about it could change it. On the other hand, Jerry has a father who is definitely homophobic and thinks it is his right as a father to dictate his son’s life. He wants Jerry to go into his automobile customizing business, only Jerry is a real estate agent and loves it. If Jerry even contemplated a relationship with Marcello it would not go over very well with his father.

It was while showing a house that the relationship between Jerry and Marcello took a definite turn. The house Jerry was showing belonged to Marcello’s best friend Maureen, and he was there babysitting their little girl. The potential buyer left and the little girl became unglued leaving Jerry finding it hard to leave Marcello alone without help. With Jerry’s help, the little girl was put to bed, and that left the two of them to finally talk. Each describing their dreams without mentioning who they were dreaming about but a kiss finally put everything in perspective.

Marcello is falling harder and harder for Jerry while still worried about being hurt again, and Jerry is still trying to understand how he could suddenly become gay. Obviously one doesn’t suddenly become gay either you are bi-sexual or you found someone who makes their sex totally unimportant. It is so hard in life to find that certain someone, the one that makes your heart beat faster, that makes you feel total joy just being in their presence so what difference does it make if they are the same sex or not. I always believed that you love who you love, but then there are those who believe in what is considered normal: if you are a woman you love a man, and if you are a man you love a woman. If people could put those thoughts aside, just accept what they feel and trust those feelings, what a better place we would all live in.

Unlike most of Mr. Grey’s series this one is not just about to gay men, but about what can happen when you rediscover yourself.

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