Review: The Sagittary – T. M. Sulsano

The Saggittary Book Cover The Saggittary
Stories From The Mist
T. M. Sulsona
Paranormal Romance
June 15, 2009

Tessa Chiron's world is turned upside down when she receives a plain brown package in the mail containing a golden necklace and an old journal. She is called upon to save a race of mythical beings--Centaurs--from becoming extinct. Darien, the Stallion and leader of the Centaurs, enters Tessa's dreams and begins to seduce and entice her to his world. Tessa arrives in a world where the sexual pleasuring of a woman is a part of daily life...and she learns that there is more to what meets the eye in the reason for her being brought through.

Reviewed by: Miko Cabatic

Member Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Tessa Chiron is a young lady who has devoted her career to studying Greek Mythology, specifically Centaurs. She works at as a researcher at NY University. One early Saturday morning, she receives a mysterious package containing an ancient looking book and a magnificent necklace. The package comes with instructions, and Tessa, upon following the instructions, finds herself caught up in an adventure of a lifetime. The man of her dreams, literally, leads her to an entirely new world and time. Once she is transported, Tessa must learn how to adapt to her surroundings and conform to the new culture.

The Sagittary is an interesting and unique story. Darien is a very large Centaur, and he is the leader of his herd. He is every bit a dream man. Darien is bronzed, muscular, dark, humorous, intelligent, understanding, and his love for Tessa is epic. The lead Centaur’s ability to have visions, of the past and future, sets him apart from the rest of his herd; they give him an edge of mystery. Darien knows more than he’s willing to tell Tessa, but he is insistent on allowing things to unfold in their own time. Tessa has been obsessed with Centaurs since she was a child. When she is thrust into Darien’s world, she is beyond amazed at what she finds herself experiencing. Tessa constantly has to remind herself of the fact that she is no longer in modern day New York City, and she must conform to the ancient ways of Darien’s culture. Carmen is Tessa’s best friend, and is considered by Tessa as her only family. Carmen is understanding, and accepts and supports Tessa’s new life 100%. Nia is an elderly woman whom Tessa meets in her new home. Tessa looks at Nia as a maternal figure, and treats her as such. Nia is Tessa’s guiding star.

I found myself enraptured my Ms. Sulsona’s novel. Her ability to draw me into a completely different world and time astounded me beyond belief. I was invested in each character, and I felt connected to them during each of their experiences. Ms. Sulsona held my interest most by leading me from one adventure and mystery to the next flawlessly.

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