REVIEW: Her Elusive Cowboy Billionaire – Montana Billionaires Book 7- Cynthia Woolf

Her Elusive Cowboy Billionaire Book Cover Her Elusive Cowboy Billionaire
Montana Billionaires Book 7
Cynthia Woolf
Billionaires and Millionaires Romance, Contemporary Romance
Firehouse Publishing
April 26, 2024
Meri Anderson's artistic talents have landed her a job painting a mural in the executive offices of Harper Security, Inc., owned by billionaire Chase Harper. But what starts as a routine project soon takes a dangerous turn when Meri becomes the target of a murderer because of something she and Chase saw.

Chase Harper, a multifaceted entrepreneur in the realms of game development and security, is haunted by the unsolved murder of his fiancée. He is determined to protect Meri from suffering a similar fate. As their bond deepens, so does the threat hanging over Meri's life.

As the danger escalates, Chase finds himself drawn to Meri in ways he never anticipated. But with the threat looming over her, can Chase keep her safe and unravel the mysteries of the past before it's too late?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Meridith (Meri) Anderson is an artist and is meeting billionaire Chase Harper about painting a mural in his office. Their first handshake set off fireworks, but Meri was burned once before and was not going to put herself in a position of being hurt again. On her wedding day her fiancé called off the wedding to elope with her best friend now all she wants to do is concentrate on her art.

Chase has also suffered in the past when his fiancé Paige was murdered in an area of the city where she shouldn’t have been. It has been years, and the guilty party has not been caught despite Chase using all the advantages his company Chase Harper Securities has to offer and he felt the same fireworks as Meri, but he is still not over his fiancé’s murder.

Chase can’t resist asking Meri to join him for breakfast which ends up leading to dinner as well. He couldn’t seem to get enough of Meri and invited her out for a show with his four-year-old niece, unfortunately, that night ended with Meri being shot. Chase’s fiancés killer is still out there and now he is targeting Meri and himself.

Chase arranges for her to go to a health facility that he owns and when she is released, he convinces her to come back to his penthouse where he can take care of her and protect her since he has no doubt the killer is not done yet. Meri is not shy about her feelings for Chase, especially after he kisses her, but she knows that it can go nowhere.

The killer will stop at nothing and the danger to Meri and Chase is very real. Meri comes up with a plan she feels will be the only way to catch the killer and that is to become bait. Against his will he realizes that is the only possible option other than always worrying about going anywhere for fear of being shot.

As they spend time together Meri and Chase grow closer, and the discovery of his fiancé’s diary makes it clear why she was killed and what her relationship with Chase meant to her, nothing.

This was just another wonderful addition to Montana Billionaires. I haven’t read a Cynthia Woolf book I didn’t love filled with romance, suspense, secrets and surprises. In this book a killer may be responsible for two people who were hurt in the past find love.

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