REVIEW: Moonlit Bonds- Harper A. Brooks

Moonlit Bonds Book Cover Moonlit Bonds
Harper A. Brooks
Witch Romance, Short Reads, Werewolves Shifters
March 28, 2024

Kieran Merek rose from nothing to become the alpha of the Blood Valley Pack. But his power and wealth won't wash away his dark past as the son of a null mother who lived in exile from his alpha father’s pack.

From the outside looking in, Kieran has it all now. All but a mate to rule by his side.

Seraphina Putnam is a witch. A damn good one. So when she is hit with a dark, bloody vision of what is coming among the warring packs in her town, she goes to the one man she knows can stop it all. Kieran Merek.

She saw him die once, and now that she's met him and fate has bonded them, she can’t watch it happen again.

But can a witch who is forbidden among wolves lead them away from their pending demise? Or will outdated pack law be the death of them all?

Moonlit Bonds is a fast-paced, paranormal romance short story.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Kieran Merek is the alpha of the Blood Valley Pack and is enjoying a night out at a bar with his brother the Beta and another member of his pack when he sees someone from high school.

Seraphina Putnam is a witch who dragged her sister to the same bar that Kieran is at and when Kieran comes over to her, she is happy to reminisce. With courage from a lot of shots Sera invites Kieran back to her apartment for a one-night stand but it turns into something more. They bond and they are fated mates.

Witches and wolves are a recipe for trouble but when Sera has a vision of Kieran and his pack being killed, she enters pack territory which could prove fatal. When the elder council discovers that Kieran wants to mate with a witch, they forbid it now he must decide on love or being a pack less leader.

I won’t reveal if love wins but guarantee finding out for yourself will be a treat.

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