Review: Hexhunter – Jordan L. Hawk

Hexhunter Book Cover Hexhunter
Hexworld Book 4
Jordan L Hawk
M/M Paranormal Mystery Suspense
February 8, 2019

Detective Bill Quigley fell in love with the familiar Isaac the night they met. But after more than two years, it’s time to admit to himself that Isaac doesn’t return his feelings.

Isaac knows he’s too broken by his experiences for anyone to fall in love with. Especially someone like Bill, who deserves a partner unplagued by Isaac’s nightmares and doubts.

When children go missing from an orphanage, Bill and Isaac must work together to find them. And as years of yearning threaten to ignite into passion, they must decide once and for all whether to take a chance on love.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I love to return to this world! The historical times, the horse drawn carts, the old world feel of the city and its people. Ms Hawk lets the times feed her characters, their clothing, their ideology, where they have come from, even their education. Also returning we get to see old friends we have come to know and get to see how they are doing.

Isaac is no new comer to our pages, and I am happy to see our author feels it is his ‘time’ to finally get his HEA and I couldn’t be happier. Isaac has not had it easy, being hurt has damaged him in many ways. But the feelings he has for Bill is on the back burner.

Officer Bill Quigley who is a police detective, ‘go between’ from his regular station and the MWP (the Metropolitan Witch Police) It isn’t until Bill is tasked with a case of murder of a nun at Belfastian Catholic Orphanage that has him working closely with the MWP and hiding facts from his Captain to boot just to remain. The reason is his 2 years pining, in love with Isaac, and watching from afar.

As always these stories are harsh and gritty with the times and the hard work that is needed in yesteryears police work. I will not dwell on giving you one more secret….Jordan is masterful in her writing and storytelling. Her words let the reader either shiver from fear of the horrors or shiver in pleasure of a love scene.

I totally hope you will read her work! 10 stars if I could.

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